How to use Gravatar in WordPress

In this article, I’m going to show you how to add and use gravatar in WordPress. 

A gravatar image is the online author photo or author image that appears on your website or anywhere on the internet whenever you comment or post. 

Let’s get right into it.

Ps: Below is a step-by-step video tutorial you can follow along with.

Video: How to Add Gravatar in WordPress

How to Connect Gravatar to WordPress

Log into your WordPress website and go to Users > Your Profile, copy the email your using on your WordPress website.

Down on the Profile Picture option, add an image that will go hand in hand with the email.

use gravatar in WordPress

Go to Gravatar and sign in with your WordPress Com credentials if you don’t have a WordPress account go to WordPress and sign up for free.

gravatar website

After signing in, go to My Gravatar and Add your email address, paste the email address you copied from your WordPress account, then click the Add button.

Gravatar dashboard
add email to use gravatar in WordPress

You’ll receive a confirmation email, you should follow the link to verify your email. 

Gravatar email confirmation

How To Change a Gravatar Image

Back under My Gravatars, your email should now be part of the list, and it’s using the default gravatar icon. Select the email then scroll down to Pick a new image to select your new gravatar image. If you don’t have an image available you can upload one by clicking the Add a new image option.

My Gravatars

After adding your new gravatar image and saving it, update your website, and your image should appear.

Gravatar image on my website

And just like that, your gravatar image will appear whenever you use this particular email address to comment or post.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Use of Gravator in WordPress

How do I connect my Gravatar to WordPress?

To connect a Gravatar to WordPress, make sure are signed in your account then sign into your Gravatar account as well, add your email and Gravatar image and save changes.

Do you need a WordPress account for Gravatar?

Yes, a account is needed to use the Gravatar website. Gravatar is part of WordPress and if you have a account you also have a Gravatar account. Getting a account is free.

What is the difference between avatar and Gravatar?

Think of an Image that shows up everywhere you interact online. Then that is an Avatar. On the other hand, a Gravatar basically an avatar that’s recognized globally.

How do I change my Gravatar image in WordPress?

Log into your WordPress website and go to Users > Your Profile, copy the email your using on your WordPress website. Down on the Profile Picture option, add an image that will go hand in hand with the email. Go to and sign in with your credentials. Add your email and avatar(image). Save changes and you’re done.

Is Gravatar owned by WordPress?

Gravatar is owned by Automattic the company that owns Since its creation in 2007 by Tom Preston, Gravatar has been a tool used for globally recognized avatars and was integrated into


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