How To Delete All Reddit Comments in 2024

Reddit is a website where you will be sure to find a group of people with interests, hobbies, and passions similar to yours, with an opportunity to talk about just that.

Whether it is food, sports, movies, celebrity gossip, memes, news, professions, academics, travel, or a seemingly ‘stupid’ question, Reddit has a community for it.

As such, it is easy to end up sharing uncalled-for opinions, say some unflattering things, or get caught up in a heated discussion through the comment section, which may lead you to wonder how you can delete all your Reddit comments.

You can delete all Reddit comments using;

  • Redact App
  • Bulk Delete Reddit Posts and Comments History extension
  • Reddit Enhancement Suite
  • A script
  • Or you can delete one by one comment on the Reddit App

Why delete all your Reddit comments

Different people have their reasons for wanting to erase one or all of their Reddit comments such as; 

  • Want to leave the Reddit platform and don’t want to leave a footprint
  • Change in opinion
  • The post that started as a joke got out of hand
  • Just want a clean slate+

Whatever the reason is, the method you decide to use will depend on how many comments you have, the platform you are using; App, mobile, or desktop browser, and how much time you have.

5 Ways to delete all Reddit comments

The following are the ways through which you can erase all your comments from Reddit;

1. Delete one by one

If you have a few comments, then it is best to use this method as it is pretty straightforward and it works for both the App and website versions of Reddit.

  • On the App

Open your Reddit App and click on your profile picture in the top right corner. Select Profile to go to your profile page and choose the Comments tab. 

Reddit Profile
Reddit Profile Page
Reddit Comments

Open the comment you would like to delete, tap on the three dots just below it next to the Reply button, and select Delete

You will be given a warning that once deleted, comments will not be recovered. Choose to delete and then go on to do this procedure for all your comments.

Delete Reddit Comments
Delete Reddit Comments 2

  • On mobile website

Log into your Reddit account on your mobile browser, click on the three lines in the top right corner, and tap on your username to go to your profile page. 

Choose the Comments tab, open the comment you would like to delete, click on the three dots above it beside your username, and select Delete

Reddit Comments tab
Reddit Comments tab
Reddit Comments delete

It will ask you if you are sure you want to delete the comment, select OK, and then repeat the steps for the other comments.

Reddit Comments delete
Reddit Comments delete
Reddit Comments delete

  • On the desktop site

After logging into Reddit on your computer browser, tap on your profile picture in the top right-hand corner of the page and choose Profile to go to your profile page.

Reddit Profile page

Select the Comments tab, choose one from the list of comments given, tap on the three dots below it next to the Share button, and select Delete.

Reddit Comments Delete

You will get a notification asking for confirmation, select delete and then continue to do this for the next comments.

Reddit Comments Delete

2. Add the Bulk Delete Reddit Posts and Comments History extension 

Just like its name, this add-on can be used to delete bulk Reddit posts and comments at a go but is only available on the Chrome browser.

Open your browser, search for and install the Bulk Delete Reddit Posts and Comments History extension, or use this Bulk Delete Reddit history link.

Bulk Delete Reddit Posts and Comments History extension

After adding, go to your Reddit tab and click on the extension icon then choose the bulk delete extension.

Bulk Delete Reddit Posts and Comments History extension

A popup will appear asking for what you want to delete, whether posts or comments. Select Delete 50 Comments, and confirm by clicking OK. All your comments will be cleared.

Bulk Delete Reddit Comments

Bulk Delete Reddit Comments

Note: With this extension, you can only delete 50 comments per day (within 24 hours), so you will have to keep coming back if you have many or get the premium version by paying.

3. Use Reddit Enhancement Suite

Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) is an extension for browsers that is intended to help Reddit users improve and enjoy their experience by adjusting preferences, as well as providing shortcuts for the most commonly used features on the platform. 

To use this method to delete all your Reddit comments, you will need to first add the RES extension to your browser. 

Follow this Reddit Enhancement Suite link to select the browser you are using and add the extension to it. 

Reddit Enhancement Suite

Depending on the browser you choose, it will redirect you to a page where you can click on Add

Reddit Enhancement Suite extension

Reddit Enhancement Suite extension

Reddit Enhancement Suite extension

The different RES options will now be available to you when you open Reddit; click on RES settings and select My Dashboard.

Reddit Enhancement Suite dashboard

You will be redirected to the old user interface for Reddit. 

Alternatively, you can also just click on Old Reddit to go to this page.

Click on Saved at the top of the page then select Comments tab. 

Open developer options by Pressing Ctrl + Shift + J (Windows) or Option + + J (macOS) for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Brave Browser.

Or press Ctrl + Shift + I (Windows) or Option + ⌘ + I (macOS) for the Firefox browser.

RES Developer panel

A Developer options pane will appear on your right-hand side; copy and paste this command and then press Enter.

var $domNodeToIterateOver = $('.del-button .option .yes'),    currentTime = 0,    timeInterval = 1500; $domNodeToIterateOver.each(function() {   var _this = $(this);  currentTime = currentTime + timeInterval;   setTimeout(function() {;  }, currentTime);});

Hint: Make sure the command appears as it is written here, otherwise it will give you an error message.

RES Developer panel

Your comments will be deleted one by one until they are all gone. 

RES Developer panel

Note: This command works for one page at a go, so you will have to type and run it per page of comments that you have.

4. Use Redact App

Redact is an app that can be used to systematically delete content posted on different online platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit among others. 

You can download this app by following this Redact App download link, and then install it by following the different instructions.

Redact App download

Redact App download

After installation, open the Redact app, and select the tab for Reddit service. You will be prompted to log into your account.

Redact App dashboard

Redact App Reddit login

When you log in, you will be redirected to a page where you can choose your preferences depending on what you would like to do.

Select the Comments tab, go to the section of Action to take, and check the Delete items option.

Redact App Reddit comments

Redact App Reddit Action to take

Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose the deletion method you prefer; without previewing, by selecting or scheduling deletion. 

Click on Start Selecting, agree to the terms and conditions, and continue to select and delete whatever comments you wish to delete.

Redact App Start Scanning

Redact App Start Scanning

Redact App Delete

You will be notified when deletion is complete and you can even make the Redacto happy by tweeting about him.

Redact App

5. Use a script

A script is basically a set of commands to be carried out in a particular order to achieve what you want. 

First, you will have to install a script manager extension like Tamper Monkey depending on the browser you are using. 

You may also choose your preferred script manager if you are familiar with them.

Tamper Monkey download

After installing the extension, click on the extension icon and select your script manager icon. 

Click on find new script and you will be redirected to the script manager page.

Tamper Monkey Manager page

Choose what user script you prefer, in this case, we shall use Greasy fork since it has been known to work. 

Click on it and type ‘Delete All Reddit Comments’ into the search bar.

Greasy fork

You will get several results, try the first one on the list and see if it works for you. All you need to do is click on it and select to install.

Greasy fork

Greasy fork installing script

Tamper Monkey install

Go to your Reddit tab, refresh, and check if the comments are gone, otherwise, you may have to keep trying different scripts until you find the one that works for you.

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How do I Delete my Reddit account and all comments?

Deleting your Reddit account does not delete your comments. All your comments will stay on the platform although the username will be indicated as deleted.

Delete Reddit account

You will have to first remove the comments, either individually or mass erasing before deleting your account if you do not wish to leave your comments out there.

To delete your Reddit account, log into your account on either your mobile or desktop browser. On a mobile browser open the page Menu > Settings > Account settings > Account, then scroll to the bottom of the page and Delete Account.

Delete Reddit account

On the desktop site, click on your Profile picture > User settings > Account then go to the end of the page and select Delete account.

Note: At the moment it is not possible to delete accounts from the app unless you are using a device with iOS. 

Do deleted comments stay on Reddit?

When you delete your Reddit comments they will be permanently removed, even if they have up or down votes. 

However, the replies to these comments will stay. The removed comment will be replaced with ‘Comment deleted by user’ followed by any responses. 

Reddit Comment delete

How do I permanently delete Reddit posts?

To permanently delete Reddit posts; open your app, click on your profile picture, and select my profile. 

Go to the Posts tab, tap the three dots next to the post you want to remove, and choose Delete. You can also open the post, click on the three dots at the top of the page, and hit the delete button.

Delete Reddit Posts

You can also delete posts by logging into your account in the browser, going to the profile page, then the Posts tab, selecting what post you want to delete, tapping on the three dots next to it, and choosing Delete.

Alternatively, you can also mass delete posts using the Redact App, RES extension or the Bulk Delete Reddit Posts and Comments History extension if you are using Chrome browser.

Does deleting Reddit posts delete comments?

No, when you delete a post on Reddit, the title of that post will stay along with any comments that may have been posted under it.

However, the description or details that you added under the title when posting will be permanently erased from Reddit.

Delete Reddit Posts and Comments

Nuke Reddit History

Nuke Reddit History was an extension that could be used with the Reddit Enhancement Suite extension to delete all comments and posts on the Reddit platform. 

This add-on was taken down by the different browsers stores and clicking on any of the given links on the different platforms will give you an error no matter what version of the browser or Reddit you are using.

Nuke Reddit History

Nuke Reddit History

It is best to try other ways to delete your comments and posts like manually deleting individually, using the Redact App or the Reddit Enhancement Suite extension.


As explained in this article, there are several ways to delete Reddit comments all determined by different factors.

Depending on your reason, how at ease you are with technology, or what device or platform you are using, choose your method and get rid of those unwanted comments.

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