5000+ Elementor Template Kits – Free and Premium

Are you starting on a new website/project? Are you looking for a way to creatively design a new page or homepage or even import a complete website and do simple customisations? Then this tutorial is for you!

I’m going to share with you some of the largest platforms where you can get both paid for and free Elementor template kits, page templates, sections and blocks that you can import into your WordPress website for use. 

Elementor template kits are a bundle of joy for many beginner and experienced web creators. They not only save you lots of time trying to achieve a certain design but also help you get more creative in ways only you can imagine.

Let’s get right to it!

Please note that the digits in brackets e.g. (00:02) indicate the minutes of that exact explanation in the video so you can easily jump to that section and follow along.


Platform 1: Template Kits by Templately

This is a product from WP Developer, these are the developers of the Essential Addons for Elementor, with over a million active installs and it’s therefore the most popular WordPress Elementor addon.

Templately offers more than just website templates, it also enables you to create your templates and store them on the My Cloud platform then you can be able to reuse them for your different web projects as well as share them with your team members (00:43)

elementor template kits

They have beautiful layouts for Elementor as well as Gutenberg block designs, you can also get different header options that are responsive to different devices and browsers like Chrome, Opera, and it is also compatible with the Elementor page builder..

They are also currently running a lifetime access so you should grab it now!

Platform 2: Elementor Template Kits by MonsterONE

This brings together a lot of digital resources which include WordPress resources. In this case we are interested in the Elementor kits (02:19)

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The Elementor Kits available on this platform are neat designs from different developers. This gives you more options to choose from several designers with different tastes. 

Check out the example in the video (02:55). Here you’ll find a beautiful set up with a header, a nice hero, a call to action button, counters, gallery etc, which are all modern and well built. 

cTZ3bcbvYudx6pDDQjHuBk7Xnwt5Zgjd5KhRipeR4gQx3OwpdERe7o0DU3I2nBltBQVT1eKtsY0cMfpTUHKLqkT 4r1SBZNIAh qkyEQsn4c 0cM8Xd9CC8VowsjgRnpP8f8l6Nt

They provide you with different designers so you have options to choose from and you can have different designs from landing pages to complete website kits with inner pages, and you can simply do a one-click demo install and have all the website resources in your WordPress website. 

This particular website example here has different pages, the homepage, the about page and so much more (03:43), just like all the other pages.

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This is a premium kit and if you don’t want to miss out on some of these interesting Elementor kits from MonsterONE, you can try them out. 

Platform 3: Elementor Kits Library

The next platform I’ll share with you is the Elementor Kits Library. (04:17)

elementor template kits from Kit library

This is one of the most well built kits libraries. With it you’re able to import complete pre-made websites and you can simply customize them to your preference.

All you need for this is the“Hello Theme”, which is a free Elementor theme, and you’re able to import either a free or a pro template kit from Elementor.

In this Kits Library you’ll have over 100 well built kits for different industries like E-Commerce, Events, Entertainment etc. (04:38)

phJwaD7GO82J4t9yNyvyS KbiqV1htSAg9FX Qric9WW4Sf 8dLzCCCLKWo6dc0ywyqNlALCSg2 ibCDbLlPg4s2Rl0B4AK6wxzueslw

Let’s look at an example; Music & Bands. 

You are able to preview the kit or you can even preview individual kits in their individual live previews, you also get extra goodies like pop-ups. 

I’ve created a tutorial on how to import and use Elementor kits and if you’re interested in learning this check out here. 

To access the kits library all you need is the Elementor Pro subscription. If you have the free version of Elementor you’ll only be able to access a few of the template kits

Platform 4: Elementor Template Kits by Envato Elements

I have been creating so many website tutorials using the Envato Elements. These have a special plugin that you install into your WordPress website; I’ve also created a specific tutorial on that. (05:54)

qAw8NP 0QStVR0f6JWPxXoMb4YdXiL4O0Pzo Os7MNwWfOPoCN8OQNs575eJVxXqCZPYqa zJnfL

Envato brings together a bunch of amazing premium looking and pro-made website template kits that you can use in your WordPress website and they work well with any other theme that you have, all you need to have is Elementor

Some kits will require to have Elementor Pro because some features like the headers and pop-ups may require you to actually have the pro version of Elementor, but that doesn’t stop you from importing some of those kits and checking them out, or grab some sections from the kits to use in your website projects. 

Let’s look at one of these template kits; for example, Creativa for web design agencies; it has 17 templates and they’re all reusable, it has two homepages, stories, services, pricing, packaging, and all these cool resources (06:46)

ulJWsCTkZzCLdhTHMfcIVol7OiA7qRJWG539U0ysOT y7RpvQBEUhwmANMqjuI50taKb qQvVjELF0i66oPPev6FmlYA6WC1r7cC0IxRP3NfL1Jj4pLNFjGr C8cSrQBBufDDpiV

This kit also requires you to have Elementor pro upgrade in order to access some templates and features, but that still doesn’t stop you from using these templates in your WordPress website and ignoring the pro features.

For example, if you want to create your headers using your theme, you can ignore using the Elementor headers. Though if you have Elementor Pro you’ll enjoy using the template kits more. 

In order to access these template kits within your WordPress website you just need to install the Envato Elements plugin. I know you won’t be disappointed if you check them out or even if you try using some of the template kits. 

If you are considering subscribing to the Envato Elements, please use my affiliate link.

It won’t cost you any extra amount, but I’ll get a small commission on the purchase you make, so I can be able to make more interesting tutorials and videos like this one! 

Platform 5: Astra Template Kits

Astra is one of, if not the leading starter templates plugin that you can simply install into your WordPress website and you’ll have access to over 180 pre-made websites.(08:22)

0eK6ZlN8vF4d1D7b k42h3aYkiYZpbnVo

These are complete sites and once you click import, it will import the whole suite including images and icons and whatever else has been used in that template kit, and all the necessary plugins. 

For example if you want to search for a hotel template kit you’ll be given a couple of options; mostly premium, but you’ll also find some free ones and you don’t have to buy an extra plugin to access these template kits. (09:08)

O6K d0dn6KzJj7vf7An2euXIp5wDsKZYc6VXboGwIwqIH2RzCn14ab

If maybe you’re questioning; Why would they have to pay for the extra subscription to get the premium template?

Checkout for example this design that looks really premium! (10:01)

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in5VFIOJ nAaRAwNdjfxfjONdelq8YP ESRQESx0zkKQwb2X cCuloNzwOx1aJQbNhd0bRICzQ5Mx3OysYKb4El wexOjOS4DUT90hurWYn1SFgKx1HSV3

It is a top notch design with great consistency, the colors, fonts etc; everything is just aligning together. It’s worth it! Not only do you get hotel templates, but also many other amazing templates available. 

In case you are having some of your sections built using Gutenberg,  you can as well access some Gutenberg templates (10:35)

JtLDVds1v871 IoAvFvwbSlzY2 NbWXPGtgTMUy1pve8 29ngDJfmFSW2e8sb DTw UsVcKBSv1qFRcbG 0Vk58qp8qS3RRUHnozwNQdJQbD1ap7OPi8eecJD3EhtBkjubv3FYdF

Note: you don’t necessarily have to import the whole kit, you can just import a certain page and add it to your Elementor or Gutenberg website. 

I think now you’re getting an impression of what you can actually get out of some of these template kits, they save you a lot of work without limiting your creativity, and most of them are 100% mobile responsive, meaning your website visitors can easily view these website template kits on mobile devices. Just like here (11:12)

dzGRAzKnV4EqqhKRqcnrhkX4pNLhB7HbKKOMtAWxSs CplceCoFUR 5GVNOlVFX6xqXkcGl3p6sM7f3bA0LJd

They can be viewed on mobile phones and tablets, the navigation also works just great! 

Platform 6: ThemeForest Template Kits

The last one I’m going to share is ThemeForest. 

ThemeForest gives you access to a lot more predesigned Elementor template kits but at a little bit more subsidized price. This is because you can simply buy one template kit, and you don’t have to get a whole bunch of subscriptions for things that you may not need to use later.

You can filter through all categories and look for a specific template kit that you would want to use. (11:42)

oNqn3T FzvpQghmncGlyAUUdug0Mek5yXXRTVt8 nK2NJFI1QciSRUXmX6l

For example if you are into weddings & photography, you have access to some of those pretty well-made wedding photography templates. Ie, if you buy the Riqa Wedding Elementor template kit you get access to 10 plus already made pages. (12:24)


This means that you’re not only getting one page or a landing page but you also get all the other pages and all you have to do is add them to your website pages, customize, and you are good to get started. It has pricing, services etc.

In conclusion

Now that you’ve been introduced to all these amazing design platforms, you can make this year your year of simplifying the way you do things by using these template kits to build faster and better results for your clients! 

If you found this tutorial useful, leave me a comment below. Remember to subscribe to my youtube channel and newsletter if you haven’t already.

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