Add Facebook Messenger Chat in WordPress/Elementor

In this tutorial, I’ll show you step by step how to add Facebook Messenger chat in WordPress/Elementor websites.

Let’s get right to it!

Note: the digits in brackets e.g. (00:02) indicate the minutes of that exact explanation in the video so you can easily jump to that section and follow along.

Video: Adding Facebook Messenger Chat in WordPress/Elementor

Set Up Your Facebook Messenger Chat

First things first; log into your Facebook and open the page you manage. 

In the Manage Page section on the left, go to Settings > Messaging, scroll down to the Add Messenger to your website option and click Get Started.

In the next window, you can choose a Language, and under Greeting, you can add a custom message your visitors will see, Save and then click Next (01:00)

aUXXfjvtqHRnuSFmrHKOzN0eV7PkHTk6To1RPRYg1dA5IVHOFeu8HhJfo6pSydofOS7HuNT RwbB6KTs3vNfQiogMJmVRaZfeEBJ 1N6o0t29beZz3u1ijoavi8aeeZRi6pwo1CI

In the Setup customer chat window that follows, you can change the font and icon colors, and so on (01:14)

FJz6VWYNn1sFNzH8QQD7hle S1DrHRv6qoxA4w0B y2nk7RRnDX iIIJPeVX7Xbgu4oEagUKPpGLgjT VGMtwjcXD9aqgKqrf4s38NPQfUeBZZaOto2KYny 1se4tjU4ufuclUKL

Go to the Next window, where you can add the website domain names where you want to add a chat. You can just go to your website, copy its URL then paste it there and save

When you save, you’re given a code in the section on the right, copy it then hit the Finish button (01:39).

HAfZplQweHSvZ845lemrnSApSB1fa5aYoI lm aq3ha lw3bSb0sJoUM94kfq4Hva9DKX65vGgKFgT49Kqqp4tUofwrlF5 LfFD10WwvaO33AalEd1bTrsccFvwIKhFULuvXKfm

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Add Facebook Messenger Code to Your WordPress Website

The code you just copy is the one you use to integrate your Facebook Messenger caht into your WordPress or Elementor website. 

So after getting your code, go to your WordPress dashboard, under Plugins > Add New (02:07)

4z7HxcLdCGhQB2zTa27stKJvvOX8PKb8Xc7ajU5jPcBL4EwKCFgC8OF9pUcrW2JVu0AEoZYDsjpWkBG3z623 q

In the Add Plugins area search for the Header and Footers plugin, install and activate it (02:23)

xkNeks10JXaxtrnYeZ4ymmZlPvaJQEXEQ4RQvslVw32DqTRKwQfa3oY4imK4NdyVhY1mWAFSxpIei1N9SVX307W1w5Rw8cU2HWmih761S6GzPU1yFpLrD37fda OTjIh2MbB2 RK

After activating your plugin, go to Settings and select the Insert headers and footers option (02:27)

1Fw7uwfTw74 eqY9vFy EiFZ9hz4Gyh2MFsra3V5aXRpLoWdIUtA3HsZNQYWToclFJJwZ P6K9S9LhAiTi3tk4 FyvT9jcMJqj3Mwgxwi 0N4sUJwY2 9mVvb0AyKk8Oca6aWgTq

In the Scripts in Footer section, paste the FB Messenger code you copied, then hit the Save button (02:51)

Facebook Messenger Chat in WordPress

When you’re done, go to your website and reload it, and your Facebook Messenger chatbox will show up on your pages (03:06), and when your website visitor clicks on it, they can just sign in with their Messenger details and then start a chat with you.

Y1vFwMC1N0RtHxBB2NviHDso2JXc9jbbcmaZimHXVEntD6 RE5paNvu FcZUOzswptrrrETm85YAn1pYrsW

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In closing

That’s how you can easily integrate your Facebook Messenger chat into your WordPress website.

For any questions or comments, let me know in the comments section below. Remember to subscribe to my newsletter and youtube channel for more tips and tutorials.

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