Free Cryptocurrency Widgets for Elementor | Accept Bitcoin donations and 100+ coins on your site

Did you know you can accept bitcoin and over 100 altcoin payments/donations on your website using free cryptocurrency widgets for elementor? 

In this article, I’ll show you a free way to accept crypto donations and payments, I’ll also show you how to integrate your Elementor website with open exchange API and add your meta mask wallet to your website all using a free plugin called cryptocurrency widgets for Elementor

With this plugin integrated into your site, you’ll be able to accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies. You’ll also be able to display coin statistics like price changes, market value, etc.

Note: the digits in brackets e.g. (00:02) indicate the minutes of that exact explanation in the video so you can easily jump to that section and follow along.

Video: Cryptocurrency Widgets for Elementor Tutorial

To install the cryptocurrency widgets, go to your dashboard > plugins and click Add New. In the add new plugin area, search for cryptocurrency widgets for Elementor, install and activate it (00:44)


After you install and activate cryptocurrency widgets for elementor, on the dashboard menu go to Crypto Plugins > Open Exchange API (01:15) to create an API key to connect to your website.

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Click on Get open exchange rates Free API Key, this takes you to the open exchange rates website where you can open up a free account (01:14). 

Go to your email to verify your account.

Go to your open exchange rates account and get your App ID (01:19), copy it, and get back to your WordPress dashboard.

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Paste the API Key in the Enter API Key area and save changes.

Go to Pages and open up a page with Elementor.


When you go to your widgets area, there’s a new option in the widgets area; cryptocurrency widgets (01:57). They’re elementor widgets that you can drag into your editor and style to your preference.

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Using Elementor Cryptocurrency Widgets

Get the cryptocurrency widget and drag it to your section. This widget gives you the current statistics of a particular currency, in this case, bitcoin; for example market price, rankings, market cap, and so on (02:14).

Cryptocurrency Widgets for Elementor

In the edit cryptocurrency widget area on the left, go to Content > Widget Type. Here, you have a couple of options; label, card, list,  top gainer, or table.

If you set the widget type to card, on the select coins option, choose bitcoin (you are free to choose whichever coin you prefer from the dropdown).

Under select fiat currency, you can choose the currency you prefer. You can also change a couple of other options if you prefer like the number formatting, coin symbol, etc (03:44)

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Under crypto pro plugins, you have access to additional plugins you can install to give you, even more, features that you can add to your  Elementor site.

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Accept Crypto Payments or Donations

Back in your widgets area, drag the Cryptocurrency Donation widget to your section. This widget will allow you to enable cryptocurrency payments on your elementor website. Select your widget and in the edit area on the left, go to widget type and select list, under wallet address select bitcoin, then enter the address and meta (04:49), people can copy/paste it to send/make their payments or they can simply scan the QR code.

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Go to the Extra Settings option and you can change the meta mask title and description, as well as the main title. (05:08)

accept Crypto payments or donations using Elementor

You can also go to the Style option and change the Background color to yellow, then Border Radius 15 pixels on all sides.

Under Advanced > Padding, add padding of 20 pixels on the left, then update and preview (06:10).

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You can change your currency to whichever other one you prefer to use, via the select coin option

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Cryptocurrency Widgets Responsive Settings

With your Responsive mode selected, go to the mobile (and tablet) device and check out how the widgets look, then make changes where needed (07:07).


On the Mobile;

The first widget looks okay but the second one needs some adjustments.

Select the donation widget and under Advanced > Padding, remove the padding.

In closing

That’s how you can add cryptocurrency payments to your Elementor website without having to even install WooCommerce.

We have been using the free version of the cryptocurrency widgets, but there is also a pro version that gives you live details like the price changes, market cap, and the like. This is because they use an API different from the open exchange free API. The pro version also provides even more features that you can make use of.

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For any comments or questions use the comments section below. Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter and Youtube channel for more tips and tutorials.

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