Create Instant WordPress Staging Sites with InstaWP

Wondering how to quickly and easily launch WordPress staging sites to test, collect user feedback, and try out new features before deploying them to your production website? 

Then this article is for you because I’m going to show you step-by-step how you can use InstaWP; a tool that enables you to launch a WordPress staging site instantly and hustle free, share it with your clients/users to test it out and get feedback before it goes public.

I’ll also take you through every step of creating templates, creating teams, migrating sites and a lot more. 

The first part of this article will be for Designers and the second part for Developers.

Note: the digits in brackets e.g. (00:02) indicate the minutes of that exact explanation in the video so you can easily jump to that section and follow along.

Video: Create Instant WordPress Staging Sites

What You’ll Need

For this article, you’re going to need InstaWP. All you need to do is go sign up. A free account is a good way to start.

Note: InstaWP is not a web hosting space/company, you may only use it to test your website product or features using their standalone infrastructure, and when you’re done collecting user/team feedback then you can make edits and further release (push) changes to your production server.

What are InstaWP Features

First, let me briefly take you through a few features that set InstaWP apart:

  • Instant sites; InstaWP is true to its name, you actually get instant sites, ready to use in just minutes!
  • With every install, you get a free domain name and you do not need to make any DNS changes. Furthermore, you can also assign custom domain names and point them to your WordPress applications.
  • You don’t need to invest in a special server, InstaWP acts as your server itself.
  • Free SSL for every install.
  • A publically available test/staging site. You can share a link with anyone and they’ll be able to access the site.
  • With InstaWP you get to choose which versions of WordPress and PHP you prefer to use.
  • InstaWP also gives you access to other helpful tools like a database editor, code editor, error logs, etc.

With these features and so much more, I’m sure this is something you would want to get your hands onto.

InstaWP for Designers

Creating new WordPress staging sites with InstaWP

Upon signing up and logging into your InstaWP, you’re taken to the InstaWP dashboard, click the Add New option.

In the window that pops up, choose a WordPress version, in this case, I’ll set it at 6.02

For the PHP version, select 8.1.

On the Choose configuration option, you can set up what kind of theme you want to use and what plugins you want to be preinstalled. 

Once you select your configuration and launch your website, that theme and plugins will be automatically installed.

Here, just leave the configuration on Default.

Under Site Name, enter a name of your choice, or you can automatically Generate a name.

Add new site in InstaWP
Adding a new WordPress staging site – InstaWP

Down to the following options, you can choose a Temporary Site which expires in 15 days or a Reserved Site which will be permanent. 

Select the Temporary Site option, then Create Site.

At this point, your site will be launched in just a few seconds.

New site installation InstaWP
New site installation – InstaWP

After the launch, you’ll see you have your new WordPress website with your domain and login credentials, click the Auto login option to access or new WordPress installation.

sUgv46Nyuftz9DHcsc1JrGr0PwrOaXvReaaPN6wq KPeSKvOFHVZcEAdbPLoXOSJQky7AjarzE CVekqzsOvl1Fg7g mt6HA f 9KZL8hBIATG9C90ZswsGdU yTQMi1dNZCZPreYG7GElX1QJFg0iDWorYuJOnABNs QWdrD 0NFG2LVF5AW2nCkw
New WordPress staging site

You’ll be redirected to a new tab with your WordPress dashboard. 

Your site is ready with the default WordPress twenty-twenty-two theme, and the default plugins installed, you’ll find these under Plugins > Installed Plugins (06:13)


Under Users, you’ll find a new administrator created and you can edit the user to your preference.

Szynbiv2 CCDvP7tQ C txQHsp4imFuC4J 9BuP1uLbSFkHeh5FvPNfG7psAM6ju6Kh6S

Back to the InstaWP dashboard, in case you make changes to the backend of your website and you want your users, clients or team to check them out, you just have to copy the link and share it with them.

X37TYs79XVp4mzZgyk2p0ZmiWoXQvMO1oIetEp9 d3s FS7Z8OTwlbMsuBd779grqXiWxW1YlxsvZBRtqRj1giXA1aUxLTuJjGMmR7hBc8LMY KgAl6gbZzueDw8u8xglryT739E2ao4sl3YnGOHUJuKGDzA7FQFJ PpqjdPLQ5gcyn48akj

Let’s test it out by copying the link, when you paste this link into a new tab/window, you’ll see your live website. And your users can view it and give you feedback about it.

WMShcR znc9Mvw5AV6LA8VlcBc9nH5D3LzBCr4v9IXK Tjwl rzIQepveXBlBoBaN2dj465r1ISN3Ozy8tCs GOzsPXt YNC3FXZTBn3DsOM5C0sCPNzTznZvnJExnwPDY5WBIIdxx0wofza9miK6OxzKC67tmjAwFwRRVKoLJTiARzXq 3HkOH2LA

Back to the InstaWP dashboard;

Under Disk Usage, you can see the amount of space your newly launched website is taking up, and you can track the amount of tie left for your website instance to expire. 

Under the Add Tag option, you can add your website’s tag and press Enter.

You also have other options like the 

  • Auto-login which enables you to go straight to the backend of your site without having to copy and paste the link.
  • Reserve which makes your website permanent, meaning it will not be auto-deleted after 15 days.
  • Save Template; you can save your site as a template and reuse it or share it with others
  • On the 3 vertical dots (), you have even more options to share your site, migrate your site, etc.
u RYjR5V ewwg5ZQ oYxzSzrFBlegWOjqnqSbzGeI VX00wr9AIXmJZ8cWcmtqYMtA2cyBFrfORtvpZdo v5r99RgpDqyFxu7XUPAmYvnw1HIf34RH xSr47YUDFXHLTHI0sBPtY2e1Np2HSv7dtOk0Z6kmV2bN1uRzhGlgOEk 4BXpiaj IFvaGOg

Migrate staging site

When you go to the Migrate option, InstaWP is integrated with Blog Vault and you’ll see they are integrated with a bunch of hosting providers (09:03)

0J0cw8j8jSrYLxe1WkoryWKmfMVXaOAVGyGOcL8KDFe5AhV 1AiR1xc29NdbeiVHywhkuvOd4WzSrJ2o0nWBuQLDk2EFlNITRHB1SucQKZViYzK1AHQm 2m4i1Ne abMuRL1tBDdb6UwufykPyfEoj2eT7 X6m5wBCkaseZIRpyZS127xJ 9TszMYw

Select your hosting provider from the list and have your site moved to the live server, or you can have it moved to your CPanel or FTP

Back to the InstaWP dashboard;

Under Tools, go to the Database Editor option (DB Editor), here you can see the tables in your database and you have other options where you can view the links and the users on your website (09:40).

pzgRC sUvlUlekKU13NGa9fFfIEZxQmG Qy0dKr XvJEI r9cGTr8 Ehv69zYyKsGF6 IK4O0Vgr46 Yhzoc5vcw5eTnn05zFbknslkCHF4XJ51AYtViegW lJOh17EOsEL7Q0dTxrfWUc8Tddg3IjhT8aAL9194tznY Y cGNzTm AicVE1gPEYyw

On the View logs option, you can see the error logs and access logs running on your site.

InstaWP code editor

If you’re a developer, this option is mainly for you. You need access to a code editor that will enable you to access the wp files, content files, index.php and others that you might need to edit.

Under Tools > Code editor, go for example to WP Content > Themes, select your current theme (Twenty Twenty-two) > functions.php, here you have access to the file and you can edit it to your preference (10:45)

npCRKqp 5rWDeYwccxw4d5uqDYbDnNyGjRabASNg4vDQMwua LDa1jgQ6qEocpBqoAaRpm2

Let’s check out more features back in the InstaWP dashboard;

You have more options like Delete which enables you to delete your staging site instance if you don’t need it anymore. 

Under Advanced Options;

You have the Clone option for you to make a copy of your site if you want, you have access to FTP and SSH, and you also have the Map a domain option.

Map a domain on InstaWP

On this option, you can add a custom domain of your choice and point it to your testing site.

NevIU6lscDID2AvVJFQLF uEp3FxrXVryiaZsW9yFamUPIZo0rF 3wVuEOa IMZUvc CV91ZxqgNeFQen5lxXn9a9CAIIwXHVrltfSqLeEClDaCJkrRqJwonR0m3mtSvPGPJr

Clone a website

When you go to the Clone Site option, you can give it a name or generate a name for it, and with this, you’ll have another copy of the same staging site. And if you don’t want them anymore you can just select them and delete them.

Note: For every install or clone of your staging website, InstaWP will send you an email letting you know what’s happening on your website.

Create a configuration with InstaWP

Whether you’re a designer or a developer, this configurations section will interest you.

Under this option, you can make custom configurations so that when you’re creating a website any other time you can just base on those configurations.

To set up a configuration, go to the Configurations option and Add New, give it a name and click Add (12:35)

JHtw0bHfY ROrF497TfFjVbKNN1paKrXwZbX46U8dLPsVpn4TaUrNUL2rogn tGoBOhz

In the next window, Select WordPress version 5.9 and PHP version 8.0.

You can make further custom configurations under the PHP tab, like the maximum upload and the post sizes.

z115VWsvz3KjOBDJZyfmrXuMFK4Ne6eB08ih9NBj0jX evWJTlcoGBbeO

In the same way, go to the WordPress tab, under Pre-install plugins select elementor.

To find out the slug for your theme, go to > plugins, when you search for elementor, you’ll see the slug for the Elementor Page Builder when you click on it (13:28). 

Copy the slug and add it under Pre-install plugins.

kGfuLjCbfIJ8pQWp CZzZzWZ DjHh3K98k1xNaB5Nu2DfQchYruYTqkB8vJEjsn98ad25KEgnq8
PvQWJUCEc7l00N35hAtPDwySU OPHkw1Xm b7aYRjMJBzCWVc0PEXZuNoTxao7x Dhdq2MyPJ3FTDN2ZIpb7xNlCzTN

Back to, search for the Premium Addons for Elementor plugin, copy its slug and add it under Pre-install plugins as well (13:48).

i4CRqiAEMDfVV0M7b5v6ePmtkn8Q QYoQ9E88qZRDzdDGaueyKdRrDK705rKoNdDR4DrMgzu6 CSXo39L1np9fKWyQLW GeP24eSV7DhbyltTUc39 zggmAOAB7MJmOAZBfLseMkJEkFVMga8r8FZ1cFMzB7706U26XJg7QzirbAtunk6jS 0GuRMw

Under the Pre-install theme, add the slug for “Kadence”.

Alternatively, you can add a URL for a plugin or theme in the next section.

QDpAgmaMuCu8PEXXAj dQxT9RsBbGsHXdp1sGlnPVhl0oHe0dKDE IDNiqNv fQj8UOoomzbA ZAN7Ew8qv Tg bFjRk4aGgdDRCVLOKOrXe56QznCKjYOAxjoIQC3pm1S5xsJbRilQKtP5wzWK03QH 3X5YAZmN99v1Sxf8xzK3dv58Ik6Mu7C w

Additionally, you can also enable the Auto-update core and Multi-site installation options.

When you’re done setting up, click the Save button and your configuration will be ready.

Go back to Sites > Add New, under Choose Configuration select Kadence, Elementor and Premium Addons (14:51)

H2FK4kkXGFRiYp52mVMUFGJhqSvYQMs0ZMNPh4Vfg9VVP0mU4I8eklogNqWWEAEEflLwSWOFNRiNEcP wlu7nKtyjVtV3bG4cDBfgK20Y TovZxkgitkrqAadnK7bVabFpybKGE6 3akoylVWPrEYvpOmHlKB8pLN7k82J C4X1lgfIZpBdwSl24g

Give your site a name, make it a permanent site (Reserved site) then click the Create Site button.

After your site is launched you’ll see your site details; domain and credentials, and you’ll notice it’s a reserved site (15:21)

lBU3uWnyqzgpHm 0GTd0e756VUpyp9jsatJ4AUcOmMVA5e9blmoWUVloLrQZepaZ1BAijrDU2SsAYeTDoUzQ1tvxgoepEp69BhGUh NghtUHbWvwVqqj8dMMD

Click the Auto login option, and you’ll be redirected to your website’s dashboard.

Go to Appearance > Themes, and you’ll find the Kadence theme is activated (15:45)

ysIjg jHvEPAXtcZVLyO3BfFGCLTrp37w0A6p8q0YcZrqy8A8PAhAyz565eH3JGUquXlHwroLr14zaveAjA EKzrajwFZ iFhSzXZWoKsRqqgu7OycGtuMbJ TTTke o4hme RRnwtsqkfvQgSwVbyLU3Qe0QAm09bI9FDoPYffypDoTwtBmbGPVKw

Under Plugins, you’ll find Elementor and Premium Addons installed.

And now you can make edits and test out your WordPress website as a designer or developer, as well as share it with your clients or teams and get feedback on it.

InstaWP for Developers

InstaWP apps (Chrome & Slack)

When you go to your InstaWP username and click on it, there’s an option called Apps.

YybrHVlA3wBIs2Z iO6tpdVaHd8Fgp43RG4Y7E21cRwZEcsv NSyCvf78Gb61omObtcG 4ybq2 ocPChkjODjl6UPRIVNmEEjhKwyZ7FA3jdt OMob ZlWWpuRtaiUd9dmPGDS3NL3ALb5htGxTIlVParY75iT0V

Under Apps, you’ll find a Google Chrome extension that you can add to your browser to get access to InstaWP, and Slack which will enable you to share your WordPress with others so you’ll be able to communicate and have real-time feedback.

cW wMVrVUvhEZvi2lHgB6HLfXqQocTTWSLJQCrnI9JAuUOn9N0ytmPaTShTZ I vfaOWwClPev66d8zP5s5YgF7SxskZg6KWECb syuXLxYtRvHyhjay s50xSzDYOvuHllpvGFghVx0PH2kfL35Hflj8jFw Q9LSEIwUn WSRChO6d2L44UVNj2sA

Create API tokens on InstaWP

Under the API Tokens option, InstaWP gives you the ability to create API tokens to have third-party accounts authenticate with your application.6hidHcAK3cbfM8j lpHp2PFbbuKjaeWtpFaBcAeG 9 dKajwRpKZXEqALfeZGEYtpgS0iG

For example, go to Permissions and check the site create, site update, and site read options, under Name add “startertp” and click the Create button (17:06), then you’ll be given an API token that you can use.

Lc5 NNI788nAedApsZoMri6CtQNQcsOi7O4l74kqMcSjT44ZjnQUuarUMouxpAevY6TWwa2Kj8yxDTdYE598cfbpphXBX3OlYYIplk1njqKubbw0VYSsgkoF8elaqYB pprqk
H3cW9HzGopSDZZb1wkwVTbs1tO3K9kaPtYfwUWbfq1qoaVD6eSCtR I8sW9g4ADRlGVaO2hUax1ehWYUPuUjX1D NlqFsSuQWLFbQHBvHXkRQS5cba1amuF o yNhZqxnvNbYll1wJV ehLxV Bo6v2VLdM9VCNhbRnJRIvTRm22PKVQrBpHQFPEA

You also have the option to Manage API Tokens, where you can edit your permissions to your preference.

InstaWP integrations (Mailchimp)

Moving on to the Integrations option, you can incorporate with other third-party services, for example, select Mailchimp under Select an application to install, add your Public key and your Mailchimp ID then Save (17:33)

rpuIiaHqwN3MoKKxTqj8KRVtIlTlt7SZol7oSDi5tBWVPsTmQliP4 PNONzvAjDwPpBi5rn3uW8i0SehtFTEadv68R7af0ae7PzVmYv wwccHFfcuMvQO3xtbgrKubFK51AaS0HQ82sfM8zZVlcrpX P3PibUkqAkeR8L1tZDONbop4jT9wcK VfXg

With this, you will be able to integrate with Mailchimp and use it to communicate with your users.

Deploy sites to Git repository

Our next feature is Deployments, this one gives developers the ability to push changes to your GitHub account from your InstaWP and they’ll be reflected there.

All you have to do for this is to add your Git private or public repository, add your SSH link, your repository’s branch, destination folder and your commands, and when you’re done click the Add button to push your files to Git (18:19)


Create shared template sites with InstaWP

If you don’t want your users to bother with creating their own installations on InstaWP, you can create public or shared templates and share the template link with your team for example, and they can just install them on their end using this link.

To create a shared template go to Templates > Shared > Add template, select an existing site and click Next (19:10)

KqphRLomrVjGsaxBz0kcaeBCStFIhyzw2tBOzceB nLL8B eUVKcMxMxcH3Jvo3A 1ABA6x1sLlu0cW2nwwY2Rb7HA6KVP9bemGEMvHz6r3BjX2Qc edqRFzI7J8O9RmeQWlaq5wSGbr5lRbG dKylchyXOCZZwyRebYyOon1muKT4QRTnZ TpZCsg

Add a name and description for your template, turn on the Instant Template option then click Save your changes.

n5OFx yWre24vB8NpLQpINZEtweIOphgaAjzuIGPlGVgtZMtSKejEBzKEmh9yYsHyVdxkKmi1o46 4FHbYWPwCZmtDkLuMDF

When you go back to the Templates section you can just select Create a new site from that particular template and just give it a name of your choice (19:27)

5 Ofe3lavOPzJWjlexgsH8ld3e vyqE0MpxVLNAGUXvtW5jknTpXO2i1DSV2e7Wj6BcW6XTmeT0wn0brcsgl87fQghO45XdetBx1 UD4 RXrUaoReeFM4Evuya5lIQAP Wv2l2KDmz NPOvQuwvj3ujhKY Y3E2ZQjLbtI7NMBV4CK23bXjI20JYqg

This new site will adopt the initial configurations that you made before, for example, the Kadence theme, Elementor and Premium Addons. 

And when you share this link with anyone, they’ll be able to use this very template to create their own site.

Back on your InstaWP dashboard, there’s a Statistics option (📶) where you can check out the disk usage, the sites you have running, the templates, etc. 

InstaWP statistics
InstaWP statistics

InstaWP pricing plans

If you’re considering using InstaWP for your team or business, there are available plans that you can choose from. You have the free, personal, pro and agency plans.

JfB4m UQdDsUoxv9wbda7M4F5R0XJ0mKUvffru ofUgrLsMH aH9o9RTtFzvYoLGMm30i 4Xs339oCewpEpuWt2c2Fx9l2990Jii4vWJa65BlhLJZlba QoQCLur0rTeUH58P0Xp7qWgR4hNN9 FXFsfu v4yDycHtpRnwb9XGMiub0zecGiKbHCg

In the Free Plan;

You can only run 5 websites and you have space of 500mbs. Your sites will expire in 48 hours, and you can restore a deleted website 3 times per month.

Check out the advanced options for more features.

In the Personal Plan;

You can run 10 sites, you have 5GB space, you can reserve sites (make them permanent), and you have a 7-day expiry, as well as 10 restores per month.

In the Pro Plan;

You can run up to 25 sites, 10GB space, 7day expiry, you can reserve sites and you can make 20 restores a month.

Remember, you cant use InstaWP as a hosting site, only for deployment, testing and staging sites. That’s why they limit the number of sites you can run.

Lastly in the Agency Plan;

You have a provision to run 50 sites, you can reserve sites, you have 25GB space, 15-day expiry and 50 restores per month. You can also create a team and assign team members. And of course, more options under Advanced.

Create a team in InstaWP

Back on your InstaWP dashboard, when you go to your username there’s an option called Create Team (24:24), when you click on it you can add a team member, their contact, and you can assign them admin privileges if you want.

create instaWP teams

Note that you can have up to 5 team members in your InstaWP account. And all the team members you add will receive an invite and when they accept it they’ll be part of your InstaWP account.

You also have the ability to delete either the whole team or even just a particular team member by cancelling their invitation or membership.

kdBuxXoIanlCvrX0ejxL2DzdtaZuJaoRWUopc247BhE1z4duPMWoO9gvqAwvGp5JOuwASuec29aFC vr8T7xQsxL1UzHKA6uM4nOuZ0tNSDZh46vAN yFhKCEhUT6IjvPUp0bvCm2TiP3YwQ3eBXbJ3uTWc6 GM VdE0kaFlXtHlvkeo2dPhuDUsVQ


That’s how you can use InstaWP to set up and launch your WordPress staging sites instantly, test and deploy your web projects as well as share with your clients and team to test/collect feedback before going into production.

Hopefully, this tutorial was helpful to you. If you have any questions about InstaWP let me know, and don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel and newsletter for more tutorials.

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