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How to Make a WordPress Blog in 2019


In this tutorial, i’m going to show you how to make a WordPress blog step by step.
You’ll be in position to build everything by just dragging and dropping elements using Elementor page builder. So you don’t need to have any prior knowing in creating websites.

You’ll be in position to write, publish and edit your blogs. Including adding images, videos and a lot more.

You’ll be in position to create a contact form for your visitor to write to you and I’ll show you how to create a professional email under your website/blog name. Something like your name

I’ll also show you how to create a header, footer, blog pages, a call to action, create a popup and how to install, active and use themes and plugins in WordPress.

All you ever needed to start a WordPress blog is in this video where by the end of it. You’ll be able to create your blog, have it hosted and launched and able to publish your blogs and share them.

But most interesting are, 1. A coupon i got for everyone who watches this tutorial so you can launch a blog online with a 60% off there hosting fee, and also, you’ll learn how to register your blog with the google search engine so that your blogs can be indexed in the search results pages.

And lastly, i show you how to optimise your blog for mobile responsiveness and page load speed.

Enjoy the tutorial and let me know in the comment box if it brought you value. Or incase you have questions, drop them down there. I’ll be more than happy to respond to them.


Watch Complete Video Tutorial here:

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Get Astra Theme –
Get Elementor Page Builder:
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02:38 Get domain and hosting
06:55 Install WordPress
10:40 Install a Theme (Astra Free)
11:25 Creating Pages
12:45 Creating Blog Post Categories
13:28 Creating a Menu
15:00 Importing Starter Sites
17:42 Customising Theme
47:20 Customising Pages with Elementor
01:05:48 Creating a Contact Form
01:10:30 Using Elementor Templates and Blocks
01:13:52 Creating a Custom Email address ([email protected])
01:20:46 Creating and Publishing Blog Posts
01:22:48 Creating Blog users and Authors
01:32:05 Importing Blog Posts
01:37:55 Creating Popups and Opt Ins
01:45:00 Installing Yoast SEO and Setup
01:51:00 Install and Setup up JetPack
01:53:50 Test for Mobile Responsiveness
01:58:50 Optimising Blog for Speed
02:01:55 Adding https to blog
02:02:28 Recap and Launch Blog

Congratulations upon creating your first blog.

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