How To Turn Off Active Status On Instagram?

By: Peter

Here’s how to turn active status off on Instagram mobile app in a few simple steps:

To kick this off, open Instagram on your mobile device and log into the account you wish to deactivate the active status.


Tap on your profile picture (at the bottom right corner of the screen) to access your Instagram Profile Once your profile page opens up, go to the three horizontal lines in the upper-right corner (hamburger menu ≡).

Tap on it to reveal a menu of options, and select Settings & Privacy. In the Settings & Privacy section, scroll down and find Messages and story replies, tap on it.

Go to the Show activity status section, here you have options to control whether your active status is visible to the public, or to accounts you follow or have messages, or you can just turn it off.

Toggle off the Activity status switch to turn it off. If you are using Instagram primarily on your PC, read this next section for how to turn off Instagram active status on your PC.


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