Create Instant WordPress Staging Sites With InstaWP?


What You’ll Need


For this story, you’re going to need InstaWP. All you need to do is go sign up. A free account is a good way to start.

What are InstaWP Features


Instant sites; InstaWP is true to its name, you actually get instant sites, ready to use in just minutes!

With every install, you get a free domain name and you do not need to make any DNS changes. Furthermore, you can also assign custom domain names and point them to your WordPress applications.

You don’t need to invest in a special server, InstaWP acts as your server itself. Free SSL for every install. A publically available test/staging site. You can share a link with anyone and they’ll be able to access the site.

With InstaWP you get to choose which versions of WordPress and PHP you prefer to use. InstaWP also gives you access to other helpful tools like a database editor, code editor, error logs, etc.

Video: Create Instant WordPress Staging Sites


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