GoTechUG Sponsors, Co-organises and Presents at WordCamp Kampala 2018

WordCamp Kla 2018 is gone, but memories never…

PS: This is a very brief blog post on what transpired at WordCamp Kampala 2018.
PSS: GoTechUG’s first post published in Gutenberg. Thanks for @omukiguy for the support.

GoTechUg is proud to have participated @WordCamp Kampala 2018 at Hive Colab and in a variety of ways, we are glad to call it a success as we sponsored, co-organized, and delivered a session.

Kwehangana Hamza - Speaker, WordCamp Kampala 2018
Hamza @gotechug – speaker WordCamp Kla 2018

The event took place from the 23rd-25th of November 2018 with a lineup of highly interesting topics, sessions and speakers for both beginner and advanced WordPressers.

Contributor Day

Ideally, the contributor day is one where we have to learn cool stuff, fix things here and there and as well get them done.

We had an opportunity to learn from veteran WordPress users and previous WordCamp Kampala speakers who were more than willing to show us a great number of nuggets within and out of WordPress as a CMS and well as a community.

Laurence Bahiirwa Team lead @luganda translation and incoming WordPress Kla lead.
Laurence Bahiirwa Team lead @luganda translation and incoming WordPress Kla lead.

We signed up, joined and contributed to the translation team (, we learned to fix website security hacks, we learned to build and implement faster websites and more importantly, meeting one on one with #WordCampKla community contributors and those helping us in the community Whatsapp group.

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I’m honored to have been accepted to give a talk especially when I found out that there were more interesting sessions and over 15 experienced WordPress users, developers, and contributors where readly available to use the same platform. With over 25 sessions carried out during the two-day event, the venue what hugely parked with a mixture of beginner, intermediate and experienced WordPressers.

Among the speakers that held sessions where;

  • Kasirye Arthur
  • Laurence Bahiirwa
  • Lutaaya Shafiq
  • David M. Wampamba
  • Marvin Alinaitwe
  • Julius masaba
  • Nixon Kamugisha
  • Lawrence Namale
  • Martin Tumusiime 
  • Mukiibi Mackson
  • Mukalele Rogers
  • Kevin Bazira
  • Ayebare Mucunguzi Brooks
  • Ewangu Hillary Otine
  • Atwiine Lyn
  • Charlotte Beauvoisin 

My most interesting session was that of Laurence Bahiirwa and Cerinah Nalwoga on writing and publishing with Gutenberg. It is then, that i learned where to find the number words in a post written with Gutenberg
David Wampamba sharing on collaboration with GIT
David Wampamba sharing on collaboration with Git

and my most interactive session was that from David Wampamba on collaboration and introduction to Git and Mukalele Rogers on AMP-lifying WordPress websites with Google AMP.

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GoTechUG session

My session came on the 1st day after the contributors’ and I shared on a few out of the box make money blogging techniques for both beginner and advanced WordPress users can implement in there blogging strategy stey by step.

During the session, I realized the need to further elaborate on each and every technique shared during the 30mins talk.

Actually, someone asked if I offered any courses or a blog post to follow step by step.

And yes, I was very honest as none-existed and I promised to publish a massive step by step guide and help out any of those interested in learning or implementing one or all of the strategies are shared.

And in this blog, I’m here also to tell you that about two weeks ago, I published a massive 6000+ word step by step guide with actionable secrets to make money blogging.

Actionable make money blogging secrets
Actionable make money blogging secrets

I expounded on every bit of the techniques I shared in the 30 mins talk at the WordCamp, added actionable tips, a pdf downloadable version and a link to my slides.



Besides the session to session pile up, WordCamp Kampala was full of fun, meeting and networking. I personally got to know new folks on the block and as well veteran WordPressers. We got a chance to fully network especially on the last day when having a cocktail party.
thumb IMG 3471 1024

Plates and glasses kissed each other as attendees and speakers mingled up to grab and show off, jazz and what’s up-next after WordCamp.

Commercing the swallow-ship session
Swallow-ship @WordCamp Kla 2018

I loved it having a coffee after the event later on in the evening with a few buddies and finalized the camp in style. (no photo though 🙂 )

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State of the Word

Everything aside, WordCamps are yearly community events for a straight 2-3days and I couldn’t wait to hear from one that was to happen in the US – Nashville where WordPress co founder, Matt Mullenweg was to give a state of the word plus giving us a leap into a major release of WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg the new editor that came into core.
State of the Word by Matt @WordCampUS – Nashville

Among the many exciting things Matt talked about was his pain watching people using the 15yr old editor and why Gutenberg has to come and change that.

He also shared on the future of WordPress with now Gutenberg into core mentioning that the possibility to edit pages, posts and widgets with Gutenberg will come true as different phases will keep roll out.

That aside, the Kampala WordPress community got excited having one of our own Kevin Bazira given a special mention by Matt Mullenweg himself for developing a 360 image block that works like charm in Gutenberg.

Kevin has also developed, published and contributed several plugins and themes and now, Gutenberg blocks. He also held a session at WordCamp Kla on how to build Gutenberg blocks for sale.


Goodbye WordCampKla 2018
Goodbye WordCampKla 2018

As the norm, before the cocktail, it all closed up with a 10 panel Q&A session from some of the I can do it speakers and attendees that hugely contributed during the 3day event.

Questions where raised, answers were given, resources where sited and a much more bigger community spirit was born and will keep growing bigger.

We also had a chance to listen from the community chairman, his contributions, best moments and his love for WordPress, Automatic the main sponsor, GoDaddy, Andela and Digital Blend.
WordPress Kampala ad and sponsors

All in all, I’m glad to have been part of this event, community and GoTechUG being a sponsor. Thank you everyone that made it possible. (Organisers, Volunteers, Speakers, Sponsors, Contributors and Hosts.)

We look forward to WordCamp Kampala 2019.

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    1. Thank you David,
      Am glad having attended your sessions. Learned alot about GIT and got me an idea into collaboration. Now into forking and commiting 😀

  1. Am really inspired by your work and it will motivate me so much that i got to know new things from your article and i hope to learn and seek more i have really got to know where editors do there work from and i have also learnt the use of word press and Gutenberg site and i really love to join your family for more studies
    thank you so much n hope to learn more from your site n Backlinko and WordPress

    1. Great to read from you Rogers..
      You and the team did alot to see this WordCamp a success. Always appreciate your contribution to the commuinty.
      Onwards and upwards.

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