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5 Ways to Withdraw from Paypal and Payoneer to Mobile Money in East Africa


If you’ve been in the online space either as a consumer, contributor or a publisher, you’ve certainly come across the names Paypal and Payoneer. Both these platforms enable you to send, receive, withdraw and pay for products and services online. Both platforms integrate with banks, and both individual users and companies are able to open and operate Payoneer or Paypal accounts.

A challenge sets in when you need to use services of either Paypal or Payoneer as each platform has specific geo-targeted restrictions, user policy and terms. For some East Africans, Paypal doesn’t permit receiving payments and whereas Payoneer allows this, it is limited on where you can actually use your Payoneer funds. Nonetheless, both platforms have enabled East Africans send, pay and to a certain extent, a number receives payments. And here is where this article comes into handy.

I will share with you some 5 amazing and perfectly working ways on how you can withdraw your Paypal and Payoneer funds into your mobile money wallet. Be it MTN, Airtel and Mpesa.

But before, i highly suggest that you read my first article about how to receive and withdraw online payments in Uganda in which I highlighted other ways you can also send and receive online payments not specifically to mobile money.

So, let’s dive straight in….


#1 .ePay Swift Kenya

If you’re a Kenyan Paypal or Payoneer user, you have probably come across ePay swift. They have been in business for a while.

Based in Mombasa, they’ve served a number of clients across Kenya and clients receive funds from their Paypal or Payoneer wallets into their Mpesa accounts countrywide.

The simple thing you have to do is to contact them by email, transfer funds and then get them deposited in your Mpesa within 24hours. Of course, there is a charge/commission to be paid. See fee below.

epayswift Kenya fees

Put aside just withdrawing your balances from Payoneer or Paypal, you can actually use ePay Swift services to accept donations and receive payments. ePay Swift avails there API to enable businesses, organizations and individuals to raise funds.

Check them out here ePay Swift


#2. ePay Swift Uganda

Probably you’re asking why ePay Swift is mentioned the second time, well, if you’re one of my Ugandan readers, this is good news for you.

You can NOW make your PayPal and Payoneer withdraws safely and in a secure manner and environment.

Just a few months back, ePay Swift opened business in Uganda and all Ugandan PayPal and Payoneer users are now able to withdraw their earnings with no hustle.

The process is simple. Just send ePay Swift an email, transfer funds to them. Then receive funds in your mobile money account be it MTN or Airtel. All this takes place in a spate of just 24 hours.

There are charges to be meet but that’s not something that will switch your willingness to withdraw your money.

The best part about this ePay swift service is that they provide a funds/commission calculator online and this assists you in knowing actually how much money you’ll be spending on the whole process.

epayswift Uganda fees

Much as there would be delays in the funds transfer than the actual estimated time, I would I highly say communication is key in this whole process as its not an automated transaction.

Check them too here ePay Swift Uganda


#3. Paypal to Mpesa

Just months back, Paypal, Transfer to and Safaricom came into a joint venture that will revolutionalize how PayPal and mobile money wallets operate in Africa.

It is still good news to know that PayPal decided to work with local telecom providers running mobile money wallets to enable their users (paypal) receive and withdraw funds.

At the moment, this service is only available to Kenyan PayPal Users. They are also able to initiate funds withdraw within a couple of hours from their Paypal accounts to their Mpesa wallets.

This whole process is automated with need to first register for the service from the official Paypal-mobile money platform.

Paypal to Mpesa direct

I personally find this as a game changer as it makes it less on the lengthy and costly process of withdrawing funds into bank accounts of which you either have to move into a physical branch or again transfer to a mobile wallet.

Please note that the applicable mobile money withdraw charges will be effected on your transaction.

Mobile money and PayPal users all around East Africa are still on the wait for this functionality.

Here is a step by step guide to register for Paypal – Mpesa service by Sheeroh.


#4. Payzug

You have probably read about this in my other guide to receive online payments in Uganda.

I have used Payzug services a couple of times. I love it for one simple reason, it’s automated, straightforward and secure. You receive your PayPal withdraws instantly into your mobile money.

There are a couple of new amazing features they have added and improved upon which are quite interesting.

First, the automatic withdraw limit

About a year ago, you couldn’t withdraw more than USD 50. This was always displayed as the withdraw a limit or float. However, you’re now able to initiate an instant and automatically withdraw of funds from Payzug of not less than USD 300 to over USD 1000. Exciting? Yes. This is an instant transaction where you don’t need to make phone calls or send emails to confirm the withdraw. Just read the terms. Initiate the withdraw, and booooom, funds in your mobile money wallet. paypal to mobile money

More Mobile Money Wallets

The second feature I wish not to miss out to mention is the fact that you can now use this same platform to withdraw to a number of mobile money service providers. Before you could only withdraw to MTN mobile money but after the recent updates, one is able to initiate an instant PayPal – mobile money withdraws to MTN, Airtel and Mpesa. Did I just mention three of them, YES!.

To Read: Guide: How The MTN MoMocard Works Online


#5. Gateway Technologies & Blueray Technologies

I have before tested PayPal – withdraw services from Gateway Technologies and I can confidently say they genuine people. From a recent blog post, they mention that they are processing withdraws from PayPal, Payoneer, Skill and a couple of other online merchants. They now offer this service in East Africa and a number of other African countries.

Gateway technologies paypal withdraws

The downside of there service is similar to epayswift since both aren’t automated. You need to first contact them via email, transfer funds to them, then they deposit funds to your mobile money wallet, bank account and for those wishing to, their funds can be sent via western union.

All i can say is that this is good progress.

Another company I have come across is Blue ray technologies in Uganda. Though I haven’t tested their service, a statement from there website mentions the provision of PayPal to mobile money services.

Blueray Technologies Paypal withdraw

This article wouldn’t be complete if I don’t mention that I am excited by the new developments within just a year.

Alot of things are changing for better. You now have no reason whatsoever to not dive in for that online job, run your online business, estore or receive your affiliate and ad payouts using either PayPal or Payoneer.



I wish to mention that I have not been facilitated in any way to write about any of the service providers here. All thoughts and suggestions are based on personal research and services I have tested and used, proved and worked. The same to the links provided in this blog, I receive no commission when any or all are clicked or visited by you.

So go have your own experience. Come back share with other readers in the comments section below.

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