Diagnosing Instagram's 'No Internet Connection' Errors

By: Peter

Poor or unstable internet connection


If you’re facing an internet connection issue or your connection is weak or unstable, Instagram may not be able to load content or update your feed.

Network configuration


Some network configurations, such as proxy servers or VPNs, can cause issues with Instagram.

Instagram’s servers may be down


Sometimes the ‘Instagram saying no internet connection’ problem may be on Instagram’s end, for example, the servers may be down for maintenance or due to high traffic.

The Instagram app is out of date or not supported


Using an old version of the Instagram app on your device may lead to a failure to complete even the basic functions.

You are logged in on multiple devices


When signed into different devices with the same account, some users have complained that they are unable to use key Instagram functions.

Cache problems


Cache files are temporary files that applications store on your smartphone to speed up page load times and overall program performance.

Time and Date Conflicts


Instagram 'No Internet' or 'Profile Blocked' issues may come from different devices with varying time zones. 

App issue


The app itself may be causing the problem. Instagram has a history of having server issues or bugs that affect users all over the world.


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