The Prolonged Single Tick on WhatsApp Explained

By: Peter

The recipient is logged out of WhatsApp.


If a WhatsApp user logs out, sent messages show a single grey tick until they log back in. Typically, users remain logged in with background data, ensuring prompt message updates.

The user deleted or uninstalled the WhatsApp app from their phone.


Deleting the app doesn't delete the account. Users may uninstall for reasons like memory saving or a phone reset.

The user is temporarily unavailable.


As afore explained, the single grey tick means that the message is still being transferred and for as long as the recipient has not got it yet, it will have a single tick.

The user has changed phone numbers.


You can change your WhatsApp number, and when prompted, notify contacts. Upon opening the chat, they'll see your number change notification.

The recipient has blocked you.


When someone blocks you on WhatsApp, there will be no notification or broadcast letting you know of the fact; you can still send them a message but they will not receive that message.

Group messages.


In group chats, the ticks system is similar, with a single grey tick as long as any member hasn't received the message yet.

Problem with WhatsApp servers.


Technical issues in the WhatsApp app may prevent message reception, though it's an uncommon occurrence.


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