Telegram Troubles: The user does not Exist

By: Peter

No user with the username


Telegram picks up on phone numbers in your contact list. Users can also set a username unique and only one user or even with a different phone number.

You are blocked by the user


Telegram offers privacy and security options that allow account holders to limit calls, messages, or other engagements. Under the security and privacy settings is an option to block users.

User may have deleted their account


If someone deletes their Telegram account, all messages and contacts are flushed out, and you are not able to send any more messages to this account. 

The user may have been banned from Telegram


Telegram respects its users and is justified to take actions like banning users who violate rules and privacy, such as sharing nudity, hate speech, and spreading false information among others.

There’s an issue on your side


Your messaging may not be successful because of either your internet connection or your app or because you are misspelling the name or sending the message to the wrong number.


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