Telegram X Vs Telegram: Top 5 Unique Differences in 2023

By Peter

November 9, 2023

Separate tabs for chats and calls


In the Telegram X app, there are two independent columns for both conversations and calls. To move from one to another, you simply need to press on the screen,

Saved messages


The Saved messages section, which works as a private chat to send messages and files to yourself, has a different layout in Telegram than in Telegram X.

Telegram X vs Telegram PIN control


Originally, Telegram chats could be encrypted only through a code, but now in Telegram X, the security has increased.

Provision for more customisation


In Telegram X settings, you’ll find an additional feature that does not exist in the main version, that is Interface.

Additional features in Telegram X that Telegram does not have


Telegram X, unlike ordinary Telegram, has Picture in Picture (PiP) technology,