How to know if my Telegram Account is Hacked ?

By: Peter

Unexplained messages sent from your Telegram? Intrusion alert! Verify your chat history for sent messages you didn't recall sending to spot potential account compromise.


If all of a sudden you’re not able to access your Telegram account, or your Telegram app prompts you to sign in every time you want to use it.


If Telegram often asks you to re-verify your contact details (re-enter your phone and email every single time you open your account)


If you receive a notification that your Telegram account is being logged in from a different location and you’re sure it isn’t you.


Check your profile and contacts to see if you have any unrecognized changes to your profile or any new contacts that you didn’t add yourself.


If you notice that your account settings have been changed without your knowledge, such as your profile picture, username, or phone number, it could be a sign of your Telegram account hacked.



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