How To Move WordPress From Cpanel To VestaCP Successfully

By: Peter



Cpanel from is the most popular, proven and robust web hosting platform out there. For both not technical and slightly technical, it simplifies the job a lot. It even has a free script installer as well as many paid for auto script installers such as softaculous.

My scenario


I technically manage one of the most read news blog websites in Uganda. These are two websites which run on a single cloud KVM VPS at Both websites get around a monthly traffic of 250k. Both websites are four to five years old.



For regular management of the server, we had to find a solution. Thus we researched about website/web host control panels. We would filter by fees in relation to Cpanel, features, support, and age of the first version and latest version.

Choosing VestaCP


-It’s open source and free. -It supports more than one Linux distribution namely; Centos, Debian, Redhat, and Ubuntu. We installed it on CentOS7 but I later found out Ubuntu is recommended.

-It’s minimum requirements i.e 1GM RAM, 20GB storage are friendly and can translate to slightly better performance than Cpanel

Procedure of Switch


Order a second node from

One of the sites is about 51GB in files(images contributing the biggest part) and 1GB for MySQL database. As much as I wanted to use a WordPress backup plugin especially duplicator. The PHP execution time and memory limit couldn’t enable the plugin to execute and complete successfully. I also didn’t use the Cpanel backup feature because it was downloading the files locally on my computer which wasn’t what I desired.


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