Why Isn't TikTok Letting You Follow People 

By: Peter

Tiktok following limit


TikTok limits follow; the exact count is undisclosed. Generally, 10,000 total and 200 daily followers are suggested by various sources.

Privacy issues


Blocked or restricted privacy settings may prevent following a TikTok user. Limited access due to privacy settings, like a private or restricted account, can be the cause.

TikTok shadow ban/ Temporary block


Your TikTok account can be shadow banned or temporarily blocked for suspicious activities like posting or promoting violent content, hate speech, etc.

Device or App issues


Unable to follow on TikTok? Check for app/device issues or connectivity problems disrupting your ability to follow users.

TikTok thinks you are a bot


Public network use on TikTok may lead to algorithmic bot categorization due to shared IP addresses, limiting account activities and follows.

The TikTok server is down


When the TikTok server is down; maybe due to routine maintenance or any other issues, your request to follow an account can’t be processed.


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