7 Ways To Fix Twitter Likes Not Showing

Twitter now X is one of the oldest and most popular social media apps relied on for communication through posts (tweets), videos, and direct messages among others. 

The Like feature on Twitter is one-way users express their interests and /or enjoyment of particular topics, stories, pictures, or videos. 

Sometimes, however, certain features may not function as expected due to various reasons. If your likes are not showing on Twitter, this is one of those unwanted malfunctions. 

In this article, I will explore possible reasons for likes not showing on Twitter, and what can be done to fix this problem. 

Likes may not show because of something on your side, something on another user’s side, or something on Twitter’s end. Either way, this can be fixed either by checking the internet connection, removing the cache, or updating and reinstalling the app.

Possible reasons for ‘likes not showing’ on Twitter

If you are unable to see Twitter likes, it may be one or a combination of the following; 

1. Possible reasons on your end

Poor or slow internet connection

If there is a problem with your internet connection, it can hinder Twitter likes from loading. If your connection is slow, then this could be the reason you are unable to see Twitter likes. 

Cache and cookies

Accumulated cache and cookies can be a problem for Twitter like loading and display. So if you have not cleared it for a while, it may be interfering with the display of your Twitter likes. 

Muted or blocked account

If you have muted or blocked a user, you cease to see their account details, this may also include their posts and activity surrounding them. So if the user is muted by you then you will not be able to see any likes. 

Outdated Twitter version

You might want to check your Twitter version. An outdated app version can interfere with several features which may include the display of likes. 

Add-ons and extension problems

Some browser extensions and add-ons such as Twitter-related extensions, privacy extensions and Ad Blockers may affect your social media enjoyment.

The Twitter Likes feature relies on scripts to load and display, but some privacy extensions block certain scripts or cookies to enhance privacy, this may in turn affect the proper functioning of the Twitter-like feature. 

2. Possible reasons from the other user’s account

Account privacy settings 

Twitter allows users to make some privacy settings, including restrictions on who views certain activities on users’ accounts. If a user has set their account to private then their likes will not be visible. 

Deleted tweets 

A user may decide to delete their tweets and this means there won’t be any more activity on the deleted tweets. Likes on deleted tweets will also not be visible. 

3. Possible reasons on Twitter’s end

Technical glitches 

Twitter may experience issues with servers or software, which can result in temporary glitches that can disrupt the normal functioning of some Twitter features. If these glitches occur, it may lead to Twitter likes not showing. 

Account banned or suspended 

Twitter takes users’ privacy and security seriously and can put a ban on or suspend user accounts that are found violating the terms and conditions

If Twitter has suspended an account, all that account’s activities will be put on hold. You therefore will not be able to see the likes of a suspended account for the entire suspension period. 

Now we know that Twitter likes not showing can be attributed to several factors and different stakeholders. But can anything be done to fix this? Let’s see in the next section. 

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7 Ways to fix Twitter likes not showing 

If you are having trouble viewing Twitter likes, you can try the following options to solve the ‘Twitter likes not showing’ by dealing with one or more of the above possibilities. 

1. Check internet connection 

Just like any other social media, using Twitter and getting the best out of its features requires an internet connection.

To solve Twitter messages not showing, you can start by checking whether your internet is connected and working well. 

If the issue is because of a poor connection, check and rectify the problem. 

2. Refresh Twitter

You might need to refresh your Twitter on the browser and the app. 

To refresh Twitter on your mobile app, you can swipe down on the page. This will show you a refreshing signal and refresh the page 

To refresh Twitter on the browser on your computer; 

You can use the refresh icon in the top bar 

Refresh Twitter

Or you can use your computer keyboard by pressing the Ctrl+R buttons to refresh the Twitter page. 

3. Clear cache and cookies 

To clear cache and cookies in your browser (for Explorer); 

Tap the three-dot line in the top right corner of your browser

Select Settings from the menu, then on the settings page, tap on Privacy, search, and Services from the menu on the left.

Clear Twitter browsing data

Next, you can select Cookies and other sites, and Cached files. Then tap  Clear now.

Clear Twitter browsing data


Clearing cache and cookies can help solve several conflicts and errors on the Twitter website, but it may sign you out of some websites or result in the removal of certain preferences. 

4. Disable extensions

Disabling browser extensions can vary according to the browser in use. It will help with the ‘Twitter likes not showing’ problem. 

To disable extensions; 

Open your browser and tap the three-dot line in the top right corner to access a menu

Tap on Extensions

Browser Extensions

This depending on the browser will result in a popup box with extension options. You can select manage extensions to get a list of extensions. Toggle between the buttons to disable extensions

Manage Browser Extensions

Refresh the Twitter page and check if likes show. 

5. Update the Twitter app

Twitter updates contain improvements to the app’s glitches. Updating your application will enable you to enjoy a smoother Twitter experience so that you do not miss out on features. 

To update your Twitter app; 

Visit your device’s App Store and search for Twitter

If there are available updates, you will see an Update button next to the app. 

Update Twitter

Tap on the update button and it will download and install on your device. 

6. Reinstall the Twitter app

If all the above fixes have not helped, you might want to reinstall your Twitter application to fix the problem. 

To reinstall Twitter, visit your device’s App Store and search for Twitter, when you tap on the app you will see the Uninstall option, uninstall the app then install it afterward. 

This will give you a fresh start, and an up-to-date application. 

7. Contact the support team

If you have tried the steps above but still have the ‘Twitter likes not showing’ problem, you can contact the Twitter customer support desk.

You can reach out to the support team through the Twitter website, and submit a support ticket with details of your issue.

Or, you can access Twitter support contact and fill in a form to send a ticket. The support contact page provides different possible issues that you may want to report, from here you can directly contact Twitter through a ticket. 

The support team should be able to help you figure out the ‘Twitter likes not showing’ problem and possibly solve it.


Why are notifications not coming through for my Twitter likes? 

If you are not getting notifications for your Twitter likes, it could be because; 

1. Of settings: Twitter allows users to turn off notifications, it is possible therefore that your likes notification option is turned off. You can check this through the settings.

2. App permissions: Mobile apps need certain permissions to perform certain tasks. If you have not granted your Twitter permission to send notifications, it is possibly the reason you are not getting any. Check to make sure your app permissions have been enabled.

3. Poor connection. An unstable internet connection can be a hindrance to your notifications coming through. Without the internet, many features of the app are unable to load or function. Make sure your internet is stable and reliable.

4. Outdated app version: With an outdated version, there are likely bugs affecting the loading and delivery of notifications. Be sure to use the latest version of the app to avoid notifications not showing.

How do I check how many likes I have on my tweet? 

If you want to see how many likes your tweet has generated, just follow the following steps:

* Launch Twitter on your browser or a mobile app and log into your Twitter account 
* Tap on your profile picture in the top left corner
* Tap on the Profile option from the menu
* Swipe to the left to see the items in the tab, and click on likes in the tab

The heart icon represents likes, and the number next to the icon is the count of the likes. 


The normal functioning of all features on Twitter is necessary for a smooth and enjoyable experience of the app. But this may sometimes not go as expected, one will likely experience the Twitter likes not showing problems due to numerous reasons. 

The good news is that there is something that can be done to solve this problem as explained in this article. If you are experiencing this problem, take heart, try out the fixes above, and see how they work out. 

But first, you need to understand the possible reasons for Twitter not showing. The reason for the problem will determine whether anything can be done to fix it, or not.

Enjoy your Twitter experience. 

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