Start Your Digital Presence With GoTechUG On Youtube

Finally, today is the day. Our channel is now up on youtube.

Yes, it has been a tuff decision for me to make but finally, here it is. And am super happy about it.

So, you probably already have questions like;

  1. So Whats Go Tech UG Youtube channel all about?
  2. What should I expect?
  3. How will you benefit?
  4. Why even subscribe?

1. What GoTechUG is all about?

GoTechUG is a tech and digital marketing blog I started way back in early 2017. Since then, I’ve been publishing tech and digital marketing guides and case studies.

Fast forward, am glad to mention that it has grown to over 10k monthly visitors and over 200 email subscribers in a space of just 2years.

Active GTU Users MailChimp Audience

Over and over again, my readers have requested that I start up youtube channel where I could share the same or similar content in a video form.

Yes, like I already said, it has been Hard to decide.

Here is my first video introducing the channel.

2. So, What to expect there? 

Without raising any big expectations, this channel is basically to share tech and digital strategies, studies and guides I uncover in my spaces.

This channel is for beginners who have an interest in digital marketing, tech and establishing an online presence from Zero to Hero.

If you have read any of my content from the blog, you know what am talking about.

I guess you’re that kind of person, right?

Then don’t forget to subscribe. I’ll be more than happy.

3. How You’ll benefit from this channel

In 3 words, it is going to be fun, fine and fulfilling. As a beginner, I learnt alot from a couple of digital spaces that I found interesting and it made my learning simple and easy going.

That aside, my simple promise is that every video I put up should bring you value either by showing you how to create a website without writing a single line of code or showing you how to establish your digital presence from scratch.

4. Why Subscribe to the Channel?

I wouldn’t wish that you miss out on new content I’ll be putting up there. And so, I think you too.

So, the need to subscribe to this channel and turn on the bell.

bell-icon youtube-subscribe-button-classic-png-2

And the very last..

Let me know what you think, which topics you wish I should tackle first in the digital marketing space.

Any suggestion are welcome.

Thank you and let’s get started!!

But hey, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel!!

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Hamza comes from a design background with over 10years of experience in Web and Media design. He enjoys making web design videos on his YouTube channel GoTechUG. He also writes web design articles on this website. In his free time, Hamza loves riding a bicycle, swimming or going hiking.

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