Speed Up WordPress Site with NitroPack Cloud Optimization Plugin

In this tutorial, am going to show you how to speed up WordPress sites with NitroPack in under a minute without have to tweak things around.

Infact, this website optimization plugin will make you delete all other page optimization plugins you have installed in your website.

The beauty is, its light and comes with a free starter version and you’re able to improve your Google page speed score to up 100% both on mobile and desktop devices in just a few clicks without spending a single penny.

GoTechUG speed page score 100

Okay, first things first..

What is NitroPack?

NitroPack is a powerful performance optimization service for both WordPress and Non WordPress websites that improves there performance and loading speeds.

Based on a Cloud optimization infrastructure they setup, It is designed to meet the ever-improving page speed requirements of the modern web. It can be installed and configured in less than a minute.

With the different stages of optimization, NitroPack gives you the ability to enhance your website performance with just a click of a button.

Several configuration settings have been set up in there cloud infrastructure so that by choosing between standardmediumstrongludicrous or manual your website performance is optimized for higher speeds and access.

Why would you Need NitroPack?

You need NitroPack in order to boost your website loading speed, improve your website conversions, and improve search engine page ranking. NitroPack is Google-PageSpeed-focused speed optimization tool. But also performs really well when tested with other platforms like GTMetrix.

You may need NitroPack for your WordPress website?

Because it will help you reduce the clutter of other WordPress speed optimization plugins or WordPress cache plugins installed.

The list may include premium plugins like WpRocket as its users have since been seen switching to NitroPack for better results. On the list of free and freemium plugins, its endless. The likes of W3 Total cache, WP Fastest Cache, Autoptimize among others could be eliminated.

Therefore, it is advised that you backup your website and then deactivate those plugins so you get started with NitroPack.

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What Makes NitroPack Unique and Different?

Unlike all WordPress optimization plugins, NitroPack optimizations happen on the cloud and not on the site owners’ servers.

This effectively results into

i) No USE of site CPU and RAM

NitroPack doesn’t use your website’s CPU and Ram to perform heavy optimization tasks, so this frees up the web server resources that can be used for serving clients rather than optimizing the website itself.

ii) No Special Server Requirements

There are ZERO server requirements needed for NitroPack to work well on any website as all the optimization software is already deployed on our cloud infrastructure.

iii) Better Support and Compatibility

NitroPack is multi-platform and it’s cloud optimization software has been tested on wider range of technologies.

iv) More New Features on the GO

NitroPack says that often times, they’re adding features and improvements without the need of installing a new version of the plugin.

Diving into NitroPack Backend Technology

  1. NitroPack provides automatic no-setup-required out-of-the-box CDN (AWS-based on all edge locations)
  2. They provide Cache Invalidation – a feature that refreshes the cache on the background and does not require Clear/Purge
  3. NitroPack have home-built optimization features that greatly impact speed timing and scores, like advanced resource loader, critical fonts preloading, font rendering improvements, etc.
  4. For starters, NitroPack got you covered. There is a FREE starter pack with 5000 monthly optimizations.

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Out of the box, here is what you can do with NitroPack

Sample Website/WordPress Speed Test

NitroPack Test Speed

Found this really interesting as you’re able to test and get an idea on how fast your website will run even before you configure it with NitroPack.

Ofcourse, the test might take some time as they have to fetch unoptimized resources and make different tests using recommendations from Google PSI and lighthouse. Remember, all this is done by a simple click of a button upon feeding in your domain name.

Under A Min Set Up

Setting up NitroPack is simple and seamless. You don’t need any technical know-how on how performance or optimization systems work.

All you have to do is to signup, login into there website and get started. Within the dashboard, you have options to connect your websites, optimize pages, go to settings or setup your billing details. That’s if you joined the premium team.

Not forgetting that actually you’re in position to add a new website. Every new website added is given 5000 free monthly optimizations and once you think you’re not enough, you’re free to upgrade anytime.

PS: as of writing, it is not yet clear on how many websites you can add to this platform.

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Seems the future of NitroPack is very interesting. Under the setting menu option, there lays the opportunity to make integrations with platforms like Varnish, Cloudflare and Sucuri. This means that if you’re already signed up with them, then you’ll simply just hook them up with NitroPack and get going.

NitroPack Integrations

PS: As of writing this blog, i was unable to connect my Cloudflare account with NitroPack. Since i’m already using Cloudflare as my CDN provider, i thought linking it up would be awesome and an amazing opportunity to test the feature. However, it is not active (available) yet.

Speeding Up Site with NitroPack

The actual optimization or speeding up your website is DONE by the amazing NitroPack infrastructure. What you only have to do is to integrate you website whether WordPress or not with there site.

WordPress users can use the NitroPack WordPress plugin and for non WordPress users can simply integrate using an API provided by NitroPack.

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Upon integrating with NitroPack, here is What I Could Achieve

Before (GT Metrix Test)

GoTechUG GT Metrics Before

After (GT Metrix Test)

NitroPack, GoTechUG Speed Test

Before (Google Page Speed Test – Desktop)

GoTechUG Page Speed Before Desktop

After (Google Page Speed Test – Desktop)

GoTechUG speed page score 100

Before (Google Page Speed Test – Mobile)

GoTechUG Page Speed Before Mobile

After (Google Page Speed Test – Mobile)

Page speed test mobile

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Here is A Video Tutorial How You To Can Integrate With NitroPack


NitroPack Pricing

NitroPack comes with as starter plan of $19/m which is billed annually and is described as “Essentials to get your pages load faster on a small, rarely updated website.”

Next is the $39/m also billed annually as described as “Great for growing businesses who want to do more.”. List goes on with packs of $159/m and $399/m respectively.

Packs come with different in the number of monthly optimizations a website needs and first pack offers Up to 20,000 page optimizations per month, next is 50,000 page optimizations, and next with up to 200,000 page optimizations  and lastly 500,000 page optimizations per month respectively.

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Here are Great NitroPack Optimization Features

  1. CSS Compression
  2. CSS Minification
  3. Defer JS loading
  4. DNS Prefetching
  5. Faster Painting
  6. Faster Speed Index
  7. Global CDN (Amazon)
  8. HTML Compression
  9. HTML Minification
  10. HTTP-2 Support
  11. Image Optimization
  12. Improved TTFB (Time to First Byte)
  13. JS Compression
  14. JS Minification
  15. Key Requests Preload
  16. Lightweight Page Cache
  17. Minimized Main-thread Work
  18. No CPU Overhead
  19. PageSpeed Optimization
  20. Smart Invalidation
  21. Container-specific Image Resizing
  22. Deferred Offscreen Images
  23. Image Lazy Loading
  24. Next-Gen Image Formats
  25. Browser-aware Caching
  26. Cookie-aware Caching
  27. Device-aware Caching
  28. eCommerce Friendly
  29. Optimization Reports
  30. Session-aware Caching
  31. 24/7 Monitoring
  32. CloudFlare Compatibility
  33. Free Integration
  34. Free Support
  35. Money-back Guarantee
  36. Regular Updates

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If there is one thing great thing that has happened to me this month, was getting to know about NitroPack. Sorry if this sounds kinda exaggerated, but i have to mention that two days before i got to know this tool.

I had switched from two different cloud hosting providers as in search of a hosting platform that could offer me faster loading speeds.

Getting to know and test NitroPack with my website currently on a shared hosting environment is a good opportunity for me to only scale to cloud or VPS provider when actually my website traffic requires so and NOT just to speed up a website.

Thank you for reading all way down here. Let me know in the comments sections how this tool has performed regarding your web application speeds and setup.

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