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Revive Old Posts Plugin: Schedule and Auto Post Website Content to Social Media


Still in search of how to boost your website traffic, then think about Revive Old Posts plugin. With ROPs, you’re not only able to keep your followers on social media engaged but also grow your website traffic hustle free.

Among the many exciting features revive old posts brings you is the ability to share your new and old website content to your favorite social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin among others.

With ROPs, you’re also able to instantly share your new posts to your social media platforms. The posts you can share are not only limited to articles, but it can also be any media, products, templates name it. (Any WordPress custom post types)

If you ever wanted to share your wordpress media library content including images, then revive old posts can do that for you. See how it does the magic in this video.

Download free plugin:
Interested in the Pro version?, below is a 10% off discount for your 1st year subscription. The coupon is only valid till 1st July 2020. Use this link below with the coupon applied:

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