Pricegator: A Comprehensive Guide To Uganda’s Only Price Comparison Website

Yes, this post has been long over due. Some months ago, the team at Dignited released an awesome tool dubbed Pricegator which is a price comparison platform for a number of products and services from a number of service providers all around the country.

If you been in a scenario when you wanted to compare prices of a certain service over the other. Lets say, when you’re having to decide which pay tv to subscribe to based on the price or brand. Maybe you’re thinking of comparing three different internet service providers just to see who fits in your budget. It could also be that you’re conducting a research on prices of different utility and internet services providers in the country.

It is no more hustle as Dignited put it all together in one place. I can attest that this is a great piece of work from the whole team. Probably they all have no idea how much they saved me in person. As I often switch from ISP to ISP based on performance, prices and geographical presence.


What’s Pricegator?, What’s Unique?

Pricegator, just as the name puts it, you’re in able to compare and get prices of various products and services by just a click of a mouse button. Its uniqueness is based on the fact that its online, fast, easily accessible, simple to use and above all, its FREE to use.

In this article, i will take you a bit deeper in all the products and services you’re able to compare using this amazing platform. Starting from mobile data, mobile money, pay tv, cooking gas and ride hailing.

One of the reasons i loved this amazing platform is that fact that i will no-longer have to write posts where i am comparing mobile data packages of different telecom companies or comparing two or more pay tv service providers. All you’ll have to do is to visit pricegator and serve yourself from the kitchen.

So, let’s dig deep and see what pricegator brings us on table.

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Compare Mobile Data Plans

The first and fore most, is the mobile data plan comparison engine. The mere fact that you’re online, you bought a data package to have access to internet regardless of if you’re using wifi. With the mobile data plan comparison engine from pricegator, you’re in position to select, sort and search to compare the available mobile data pack providers.

In the results page, you’re able to view the provider name, data plan, data validity, value and the data price. You’re also in position to do head to head comparisons like, Africell 6 month data plan to MTN 6 month data plan to see the costs.

Wondering if it really works?. Yes, and it does it really fast in no time.

pricegator – mobile data fees

With the many internet service providers on the market today, its barely easy to choose which one to go with. In may occasions, a number of friends text or call just asking from which ISP they should purchase there monthly data package from. For some reason, ISPs with a data package descriptions like internet everywhere, 4G mobile internet or just mobile internet leave one wondering what speed (Mbps) they’re actually paying for.

Compare Mobile Money Fees

pricegator – mobile money fees

With pricegator, you’re in position to compare mobile money charges from the different service providers, say MTN, Airtel, Africell and MSente mobile money services. Pricegator avails you with the different transaction types ie, paying for goods and services, paying for utility bills, sending to registered users, sending to unregistered users and other networks, withdrawing from an agent and withdrawing from an ATM. All fees will appear in a table format based on your criteria of selection.

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Compare Pay TV Service Provider Charges

Pay TV fees and charges have always been a nightmare. Choosing which service provider to subscribe to for new comers is yet another one. Pricegator makes it yet easier to get all the pay tv brands, plans, channels, duration and there charges in one place and just a click away.

pricegator – pay tv fees

Compare Prices For Cooking Gas Providers

Pricegator is not just about comparing services to some of us. I have been using gas (cooking) for the last 8-9yrs and the only brands i knew where, total, Shell and Kobil (one i use). It is from through navigating this platform that i came to learn about other cooking gas providers like OilLibya, Oryx and Hash. Still wondering which world i was leaving.

pricegator – cooking gas

Compare Raid Hailing Companies and Charges

Talking of ride hailing, sharing rides, or safety. All the top hailing companies are brought in one place. Since all these companies charge you based on a base fare, price/km and the total number of kilometers cover, you are not in position to have the exact figure of how much you’ll spend for your trip. But, you’ll get an approximate price of what  you’ll speed.

Note: As of writing, i noticed that one of the latest ride hailing brand, Dail Jack is missing but this won’t make your price comparison / search any different.

pricegator – raid hailing fees

All is said, but wait, here are good things you’ll enjoy using this platform and the bad ones too.

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Pricegator Pros:

Fast and Light:  Not mentioning about the page load speed would render this article incomplete. Pricegator is fast and light enough to load on the slowest internet speed around town.

Mobile Responsive: Mobile is the future and therefore, the way to go. Pricegator is easily usable and responsive on all major internet enabled devices. (Smartphones, tables and notebooks)


Besides the fact that all the prices for different service providers are now in one place, the one thing i loved about this platform is that its 100% mobile responsive with its fluid design. Since today the biggest number of internet users have gone mobile, its very important to have a platform like pricegator fully responsive so as we’re able to use it on the go.

The elegant color blend and futuristic design:

From a media designer point of view, pricegator took it to just another level. The composition of the layout, elements and color of the whole platform is stunning. Let’s forget the 1999 design trends, this one is up there and lit. If i could give points out of 100, i would say they scored 89.

Pricegator Uganda - Review
Pricegator Uganda – Review

Next, i would talk about the color composition and logo. The whole pricegator brand flows and all colors from the logo blend throughout all the website elements and tables making it compelling to the user.

Both the user experience and user interface was well thought before.

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Pricegator Cons:

No Internet Speed details: Personally, i wouldn’t purchase an internet package without knowing the extact speeds (upload and download) it comes with. Since all data packages are just labeled 4G, Internet everywhere, mobile internet. This makes it wanting in searching of what speeds you’ll actually be paying for. But if that’s no issue to you, well, enjoy the ride.

Missing brands: The are a couple of missing brands / service providers just like Dial Jack under the ride hailing companies. Am sure the team will keep on updating this. However, one who uses the platform today will come to be limited by options.

Missing prices: On some brands like M-Sente under mobile money, prices for certain criteria are missing just like paying utility bills,

Sub domain: I think, based on how big, userful and important pricegator is, it would much stand out as well as easily referenced to if it went live with its own domain. Something like,  would be the next big thing advertisers want to place ads of there services simply because they know, we the consumers are there checking, comparing them again another and ready to make a purchase.

Picetagor being sub hosted on Dignited makes it lengthy for a user coming directly via a domain search. Non the less, i am pretty sure, soon, it will be ranked high via search engines and still the sub domain will work like charm.

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Regardless of the down sides. It all goes down to comparing it to which other platform. Yes, i mean, pricegator is the only (at the moment of writing) platform in Uganda where you can go and in a couple of minutes, you’ve made up your mind on whichever service to take up or trash.

Pricegator saves the hours if not days and airtime calling/texting friends inquiring about the available cooking gas providers and there prices.

What did you like about Pricegator? And what did you not like?. Share with me in the comment box below. See you there.

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