Guide: How The MTN MoMocard Works Online

The MTN Momo debit Mastercard is yet another great addition to the online and digital space in Uganda and Africa.

It comes in at a time when a good number of MTN mobile money users (over 4 million active) needed access to funds not only via there mobile money access point but also online.

The MTN Momocard simply brings us a few new unique things;

  1. Access to your funds anywhere and any time online
  2. Purchase from any online store anywhere in the world
  3. Easy verification and use with leading payment processors such as Paypal
  4. Make payments in over 210 countries where Mastercard is accepted
  5. Shop, travel, run businesses and manage finances and at any time anywhere

In this guide, I’ll simply take you through on;

How to create the MTN MoMocard, how to view your virtual MTN MoMo card details, how to load MoMo funds, how to pay for products and services using the MoMo Mastercard and how to deactivate your MoMocard.

But first, I need to tell you abit more

What The MTN Momo Virtual Debit Mastercard really is

In my own words, the MTN MoMocard is a service offered by MTN Uganda through its partners, United Bank for Africa and Mastercard.

The MTN MoMo Mastercard simply makes it easy to access your mobile money funds and make them available to aid any of your online transactions.

This is ONLY possible with online merchants that accept Mastercards as a medium of payment. And yes, you’re not limited.

Mastercard has been made available and accessible as a medium of payment across 210 countries with millions of daily transactions.

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These transactions may include but not limited to, purchasing products from your favorite e-commerce stores worldwide like Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress or locally via Jumia.

You can also use the MoMo Mastercard to purchase or subscribe to a number of services online like payment for domain registration from any domain registrar, paying for online courses, visa fees or flight bookings.

All this is achieved by using your 14 day valid MTN MoMo virtual debit card. (Edit: Now valid for 30days)

You should also note that payments are processed based on your mobile money balance (fees) to enable or complete the transaction.

NO transaction will be completed with little or no fees available on your mobile money (MoMo) account.

Video: How To Create A Momocard

If you wish to see how to pay using your MoMocard, deactivate your MoMocard, MoMocard charges, security among others, then continue reading.

How to Create a MoMocard

To create a MoMocard, simply dial, *165*70#


Select option 1: Create an MTN MoMocard

How to Load Money To MTN MoMocard

Perhaps you’re asking how you can have money/funds into your MoMocard.

It should be noted that crediting your MTN MoMo card isn’t the ordinary way how you have to do it in the banks.

You simply have to top up your mobile money account (MoMo account). All funds/money available in your MoMo account are directly reflected on your MoMocard.

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How to See Your MoMocard Number

To view your MoMo card number and security code, dial *165*70#


Select option 2: View MTN MoMocard Number

How to Pay Using the MTN MoMocard

This is the most exciting bit.

The MTN MoMocard makes is extremely easy to use your MoMo account balance and purchase/ pay for products and services around the globe.

Not to be limited to what i mention here, i have to stress that for as long as your service provider or product manufacturer accepts mastercard as a means of payment, you’ll be able to pay with your MoMocard.

Some online merchants accept mastercards through 3rd party payment gateways search as Paypal, 2Checkout, Pesapal, DirectPay Online etc.

You simply just have to look for the Mastercard logo when at your service provider website.

In this guide, I show you how I used my MTN MoMocard to renew one of the domain names for a client.

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Adding a new card to my Namecheap Account

adding momocard to online store

MTN MoMocard added to my Namecheap account

added momocard

My domain registrar is Namecheap and accepts Mastercard as a medium of payment.

Topping up my Namecheap account balance with MoMocard

paying with momocard

MoMocard debited and Top up confirmed

payment confirm with momocard

Renewed the Domain

payment complete with momocard

Received a payment receipt from MTN MoMo

momocard payment receipt text

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How to Deactivate the MTN MoMocard

To terminate or deactivate your MTN MoMocard, simply dial *165*70#


Select option 3: Cancel MTN MoMocard


Please note that by canceling your MoMocard, you’ll nolonger be able to perform any tractions with the same credentials. You’ll have to create a new MoMocard either after canceling it or after the 14days expiry.

MTN MoMocard Charges

momocard confirmation

The cost to create an MTN MoMocard is UGX 1,000
Every transaction or payment made using the MTN MoMocard is charged 3% of the total amount.

All charges/payments are fetched directly from your mobile money account. (MoMo account)

Please note that as of writing, every MTN MoMocard has a maximum value of UGX 3,000,000 and is valid for 14 days.

Meaning that you’re unable to make a single payment above UGX 3,000,000 at once.

MoMocard Security

Besides Mastercard being among the top global online payment processors which confirms a bit of trust. Here are things you further need to know.

Your MoMocard comes with a 16 digital virtual card number together with a card security code (CVV).

The two work hand in hand with the other. As you can’t use a different cvv on a different card number. So, keeping your cvv security code and not sharing it with friends helps.

The MoMo account pin. On every momo account created comes with a secret 5 digit pin that you use to authorize any tractions from your MoMocard. That like always, never share it with anyone.

The three put together makes your virtual funds safe and secure from your MoMo account to your MoMocard.

PS: Never share your MoMocard details with anyone. Not even your MoMo account pin.

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In closing

The MTN Mobile money virtual Mastercard or call it MoMocard is a big milestone not only for MTN Uganda but also for young budding entrepreneurs, startups and business owners that have always needed an easier way to make global payments.

Before the MoMocard, one had to own a physical debit card from a limited number of banks in Uganda that authorized there cards to process payments online. One of the banks is UBA which I credit for bringing us the Visa prepaid Africard that changed the way we made payments online.

However, now that the MTN MoMocard has come in, this a game changer. From the comfort of your couch, you can simply load credit to your MTN MoMo account, generate/create a MoMocard, make payments online anywhere in the world than the ordinary queuing in the bank which costs not only time but also money.

Over to you.

What’s your take on the MTN MoMocard? How will this help you? Is there something I missed to mention?

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    1. Expiry is determined by the vCard provider.
      In your paypal, simply go to the cards section, and ADD card.
      Make sure you have alteast 10k balance available on your mobile money.
      All the best.

    1. I’ve come to know from online communities that Skrill, Stripe and the likes don’t accept prepaid cards to be added to there systems. Once i confirm, i’ll update you on this blog.

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