5 Ways Youtubers Earn Making Videos On A FREE Platform

Ever thought of what’s ruling the video and digital space today. Well, its non other than Youtube. Youtubing is the new old. For every serious content creator and looking at leveraging there creative career to the next level, then its the platform to try out.

There have been very successful Youtubers making thousands of dollars monthly. I mean content creators with large channels and even those that have small channels but with a very specific and unique nice.

But hey, you may be asking how do Youtubers earn creating videos?

This is the question that non Youtubers or those who are just consuming the content never have enough of. Actually youtube can earn pretty decently. Of recent i came across a Youtuber making over $5000/m from ads only. By Ads i mean Youtube paying them for basically displaying advertisement on and within there channel content.

Earning can even exceedingly be more than that. Depending on channel audience (subscribers) and view count. The more views, the more you actually can earn from the platform.

Here are some of different ways…

1. Youtube Ads

One of the most common way to earn on youtube is actually by allowing Youtube to display ads on your videos. The process is automated by Youtube and you simply just have to signup with Adsense as a platform.

But there is a caveat. You simply don’t just come over and start a youtube channel and then able to display ads. Well this was before, but now for some reasons, Youtube put a restriction. To be able to monetize your videos, you must have a minimum of 1000 subscribers and a minimum of 4000 watch hours.

Well, that’s a whole bunch of hard work required to be invested in order to qualify for those numbers.

It means that you should have several number of videos on your channel that will accumulate a reasonable number of views.

[bctt tweet=”For your information, you can actually hit 100 videos without reaching the 100 subscriber mark and on the other hand, you may reach the 1000 subscriber mark but not getting to the 4000 hell watch hours in past 12months.” username=”gotechug”]

So even when there is a possibility, new Youtubers find themselves giving up along the way.  But if you’re deeply concentrated and willing to put in the work, success is just around the corner.

For some new Youtubers, they’ll publish a couple of videos and boom, they’ll find there way out of the caveat with over 1000 subscribers and over 4000 watch hours.  Just imagine publishing 5 ten minute videos and each getting 1million views. Lol..

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2. Brand Deals

Qualifying for Youtube Ads to display on your videos is actually known as the hardest part to monetize your channel. The other bit would be actually to do brand deals. By brand deals i mean, you working with existing companys to promote there products through your channel. It also has to do with your impact and influence through your channel and the quality of your content.

You can actually get deals worth over $1000 per month on promoting a specific company’s product even without having to reach 1000 subscribers like youtube requires.

3. Sponsorships

Another awesome way to earn as a Youtube creator is by using sponsorship deals with brands. This can be that they offer you products to use in your videos, like a watch, camera, computer which you can actually use in producing videos. That way, they’re sponsoring you and in return your echo there products in front of your audience.

Sponsorships can be very lucrative. Image if you’re given a $2500 DSLR camera just to use in the production of your videos and in return you to mention the brand name of the manufacturer. That means that you’ve earned yourself $2500 backs straight. Now imagine getting 3 to 4 of same or similar brands on board?

4. Affiliate With Brands

Affiliating marketing is another way to earn while Youtubing. I say this because i have also tested it and i can perfectly relate at how it works. The idea is to find a product that rhymes with your audience and then signup as an affiliate with them.

Now depending on the product offers, you may get a commission every time someone makes a purchase on there website through your link. Thats the beauty of it. You don’t have chase around people to buy through your link.

There is a technology used to help affiliates and brands track your referrals and the good thing is that you actually earn a commission from a purchase from a client who clicked your affiliate link days ago.

The technology is called a cookie. Brand always determine how long the cookie will last. Sometimes 30 days or can even go as far as 60 to 120 days.

5. Pro Hiring

I call this pro hiring simply because, the platform (youtube) gives you the chance to exhibit your skills to potential people who are will to have someone professional to offer them a service.

That means that if a company, brand or individual thinks that you’re really good at what you’re doing, they can actually table offers or hire you to offer a similar or a very different task from what you’re actually doing on you channel.

Pro hiring could occur in a scenario like.. If you’re running a food channel and you basically share food tips on  making different recipes. This means that hotels and lodges are in position to hire you come give pro tips to there teams or even they can hire you to simply teach them a specific tip they watched on your channel.

On the other hand, if you run a digital design channel and for re-instance you teach people how to create and use logos, business cards etc. This means that people looking for a graphic personel can easily reach out to you and hire you to offer a service just like that to there brands.

Honestly, the opportunities are endless.

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In closing

Just like blogging, vlogging tables a great number of opportunities to creators. When it comes to times of earning, everything sounds sweet and interesting. But the real work lies deep down in doing to the dirty part of putting up good content and growing your channel audience.

There is nothing much benefiting like growing your audience and keep your word true to them.

Hopefully this articles brings you value and that you can now head over and create awesome.

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