How To Monitor Someone’s Phone (Spy on an iPhone and Android user)

Looking for a simple yet working solution on how to monitor someone’s phone with or without them knowing. Then is blog is for you.

Many times you probably run into issues of debating what your husband, girlfriend did on there phone or getting to suspect that they’re cheating on you.

That aside, you could have kids that you wish to protect from cyber bulling, adult content or just limiting the time they spent on there phones.


In this article, i’m going to introduce you to one of the best parental control app or basically a phone monitoring app that will help you stay upto date with what’s happening on your target’s phone in real time.

This phone monitoring app called Spyzie and is available for both Android and IOS devices (iPhones and iPads)

Features of the Spyzie App

There are limitless tracking features Spyzie app brings at your disposal. With this tracking app, you’ll be able to track social messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter. You’re also able to track call logs, location and export collected data.

Spyzie tracking features

The app can be accessed via a mobile app or even a web browser on the side of you tracking for as long as you have an internet connection.

With this app, you’re in possible to enable the target users to see the tracking app or NOT. And this one is of the most exciting features besides the ability to use the app without jail breaking (rooting) the target’s phone.

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How To Monitor Someone’s iPhone With Spyzie

Tracking with Spyzie is as easy as XYZ. You don’t need to have a techie background. All you need is to purchase the app first. You have 3 options to begin with. Either to first go for a trial period, test the app using a demo or grab yourself a basic or beginner pack to get started.

It’s all on you.

Here are the costs for an IOS version of the APP

Spyzie IOS plans


And the cost for the Android Version

Spyzie Android versions

Once you have app installed on the target using devices. Then you can sit back and get started.

You simply have to log into a web browser where you can now monitor or track whatever is happening on your target’s phone.

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Here is a sneak peak of what you’ll be able to view in the browser track dashboard.

IOS tracking dashboard


Tracked features under DATA. They include all popular social apps, messaging and call logs.

Tracked data features

You’re also able to get instant alerts once your target’s phone receives that phone call, text or deletes an image. It’s upto you as you like.

Spyzie track alerts


How To Monitor Someone’s Android Phone With Spyzie

Similar to tracking your target’s devices using an iPhone, there is literary nothing big that changes.

With spyzie android tracking and monitor app, you’re in position to see their phone activity and stats in real time. This includes how they are using each app and how often.

Phone activity stats

You’re also able to see if they are switching sim cards, there recent most calling or even messaging contacts.  All that at your disposal with a mere tap of a mouse button.

most frequent contacts


That’s all. Probably this article helps you get an insight on how you can monitor someone’s phone with or without them knowing. I find this app of great advantage to parents with kids that have access or own phones.

With this, you can easily prevent them from accessing particular apps, or knowing where they’re at a particular point in time.

The downside of the app is that, for android users, you have to get physical access to the target’s phone to install the spy app. Besides that, i think its something you can give a try.

Feel free to read my full free of the Spyzie App here.

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