How To Monetize And Earn On Facebook With Videos and Articles

Put Facebook aside, today Youtube is the leading video hosting website. Actually, It (Youtube) is not just a website but a video search engine.

For a period of time, the Youtube team worked thick and thin to find a way to turn their platform profitable. This saw them introduce intro, in and out-tro ads and banners onto the platform. This has seen a number of advertisers and creators use the video hosting platform even the more. Youtube shares it revenue with its content creators. Youtube takes 45% and 55% for its creators from the total generated ad revenue.

Now, the same has come to Facebook. In similar scenarios, the Facebook team has been on a search for a way to turn their platform even more profitable. Facebook being the 3rd most popular website in the World, it definitely has alot of users, creators and businesses using the platform.

In the same manner, Facebook introduced a way to monetize videos and share revenue with its creators. The split revenue will be as that of how Youtube does. 55% of amount earned from advertisers is paid to the creators and 45% is earned by Facebook itself. With this move, it is expected to see Facebook generate income from monetizing its video and article content.

Here is why: Facebook is a social media platform that makes sure it keeps its users on the platform. Not like Youtube where i can just go, search for a video, watch it and then close the window. With facebook, I go there to connect with friends and family, in the meantime, I browse in groups, timelines or even other people walls etc. And in the due process, that’s where i will hook onto someone’s video, watch, share it, comment and and.

Even with such a big advantage, the Facebook platfrom has a down side. Where its almost not easy for someone to search for a specific video that they saw a week ago incase they wish to re-watch it. This is where Youtube takes it all.

Non the less, Facebook still has the opportunity to keep me on there platform connecting with people.

Earning On Facebook

Earn with facebook audience network

So, if you’re looking for how you can earn money from your videos on Facebook, this is the opportunity for you. Facebook launched its platform Facebook for Creators where, in-videos ads will run, right within your content and you’ll be paid for that. Yes, should i call this Facebook vlogging, ohh, yah.

So, when a Facebook user goes to watch a video on mobile, they are taken to a screen with a black background that automatically suggests more videos to watch afterwards.  After a few videos, the user will see a video ad. The ad is not attached to any one piece of content, but rather floats between them like a TV commercial.

In this case, if you’re watching the video on auto play with sound on, these ads will have the sound on.

Facebook will split revenue from ads watched between all videos watched in a single session, determining the payouts by how long the viewer spends with each video. So, depending on how long the video played and how many ads where shown, you (the creator) would get  55% of the ad revenue and Facebook 45% off each shown ad..

How To Join Facebook for Creators

facebook for creators
facebook for creators

In order to start earning from your video content already published on Facebook, you’ll only be requested to join the Facebook For Creators platform. Where you’ll sign up,

But before, checkout the eligibility conditions.

Things You Need To Know Before Joining

Facebook Profile

You may already have a Facebook profile to help you connect with friends and family, and you can continue using it as a creator. If you want people beyond your immediate friends and family to discover your videos — whether or not they’re on Facebook — set your video posts to “Public.”

You can also build your public presence on a Page, which offers even more ways to understand your video performance and make your content discoverable.

Facebook Page 

You’ll need a Facebook profile to create a Facebook Page just like one for Go Tech UG. To set up your Page, just go to Create Pages > Artist, Band or Public Figure > Video Creator.

If you already have a Page, you can switch it to a Video Creator Page by going to Page Settings > Edit Page > Video Creator. This template will ensure that your videos are front-and-center on the Page for your fans to find.

Download The Facebook Creator App

The new Facebook Creator app is a one stop shop to help you create videos, broadcast live, view your video insights, and engage with your fans. The app is for video creators with a profile or Page and includes the following features:

  • Live Creative Kit: Available exclusively on the app, you can make your live broadcasts look more polished and fun with intros, outros, custom frames, stickers and more. Currently available on iOS only.
  • Community tab: Manage all your comments from Facebook and Instagram, plus messages from Messenger, in one unified inbox.
  • Insights: Explore insights about your Page, audience, and video performance.
  • Inspiration Feed: Discover other creators content that your fans are watching. Currently available on iOS only.
Here are the App download links: Download for iOS > Download for Android

Things You Can do To Earn With Facebook

Create A Concept

Now that you’re all set up with a Page, it’s time to think about what you’re going to put on it. Having an overall idea and creating a consistent format or theme for your videos helps viewers understand what you’re all about. Also, it’s a myth that only short videos work on Facebook.

In fact, both short and longer videos work well, as long as the length makes sense for your content and keeps fans coming back for more.

Here are some ideas to help you brainstorm:

  • How-to videos: Teach people something practical or unique, simple or amazing.
  • Comedy sketches: Make people LOL!
  • Vlogs: Share your life with people – daily routines, adventures, anything’s fair game.
  • Live videos: Start a live Q&A with your fans.
  • Talent showcase: Got a knack for something? Show what you know and inspire viewers with your skill.
  • Animated videos: Invite viewers into 3D or illustrated worlds of your own creation.
  • Live game streaming: Stream the action from your video games for the world to see.

How to Monetize and Earn

When it’s time to turn your Facebook videos into a revenue stream, there are a few ways to monetize:

  • Branded content is when content features or is influenced by a business partner for an exchange of value.
  • Merchandise is stuff related to content that your fans may want to buy, like t-shirts, hats, stickers and more.
  • Tours are often a great way to get out and meet fans in person as well as sell tickets.
  • Ad Breaks (beta) is a way to earn money from in-stream ads that play in your videos.

Check out the eligibility criteria for monetization products such as branded content and ad breaks.

How To Receive Payout

To start making money on Facebook, you’ll need to sigup with Facebook Audience Network in your app, website, Instant Articles or Instant Games, you’ll need to provide your payout details. This includes information such as your bank details for payments and a tax ID.

Once you’ve set up your company or individual details for payments with Audience Network, you can update them in Magnetization Manager, provided you are an admin of the company account and a Property Manager or admin of your app.

Receive payment from Facebook. Photo: FAN.

About Audience Network Payments

Audience Network pays monthly. Payment generally occurs in the third week of the month for the previous month’s revenue. For example, revenue for January will be paid in the third week of February. Facebook pays out earnings from all apps attached to the same payout account in one payment each month. International payments may take several days to arrive in your company’s bank account.

Minimum Revenue Requirement For Payment

Facebook’s minimum payment is $100 USD, totaled across all your apps. If you earn less than $100 USD in a month, your revenue will be added to the following month, until you reach $100 USD.

You don’t need to send Facebook an invoice for payouts from Audience Network. Facebook automatically calculate your payout amount and send your revenue to your payout account monthly. Note that the only statement we provide is the one that accompanies your monthly payment. No other statement is available.

Tips To Get StartedThe Right Way

Creators can succeed with many different types of videos. Below are some tips to put you on the right path:

  • Make sure your content is meaningful, authentic, and respectful (don’t be clickbaity!).
  • Post on a consistent basis to gain traction with your followers and keep them coming back for more.
  • Use Video and Page Insights to see what video lengths, topics, and formats resonate most with your fans, and to learn about the demographics of your audience.
  • It’s a myth that only short videos work on Facebook. In fact, both short and longer videos work well, as long as the length makes sense for your content and keeps fans coming back for more.
  • Make your content stand out. Use high resolution images or video, and make sure the first three seconds of your video and your thumbnail draw in viewers.
  • Build your credibility over time. Ask your audience for feedback on what they like, and give them more of it!

Copyright Is Important

It’s important to value original art and ideas. Whether it’s music, images or videos, make sure you have the rights necessary to feature someone else’s work. If your content is removed for copyright issues, remember it’s not a Facebook problem, but a legal one.

Having a Facebook Page, Website or Any Blogging Platform

Make sure you have already set up a Facebook page. You can only monetize when you have a Facebook page. You can’t monetize your video from a personal Facebook account.

Website or Any Blogging Platform: For this, you must have already a Website, any Blogger site, or any WordPress site. Make sure you have at least 5 articles published in any one of these places. These are necessary because when you willbe going to set up your Facebook page for monetization, a URL will require to add there.

Yes, don’t worry about any fixed number of followers or number of likes on your Facebook page, in this time you are exempted from this requirement, which is first necessary criteria in YouTube monetisation.

What i just mentioned before is the basic eligibility and I hope you have fulfilled the above requirements. 

The next are the following required steps for you to start earning money from Facebook Videos. You have to complete all the steps one by one then you can monetize your video.

Steps To Get Started

Step 1: Login to your Facebook page:

Log in your Facebook account as usual you do.

Select the page in which you want to enable the monetisation.

Step 2: Publishing tools:

Find the Publishing Tools in the top of the page.

In the left-hand side, you will find posts, videos, sounds, branded content, lead ads forms, shop and canvas.

But there may or may not be the option of Facebook Instant articles.

If your page hasn’t the option, you can enable this from the Google.

Step 3: Facebook Instant articles:

facebook instant articles

Search “facebook instant articles” on Google. Make sure you have logged in your Facebook page.

Click on the first URL, ie. Facebook Instant Articles

If you haven’t logged in already, then you must have to Sign in on this page.

Select the page in which you want to enable the monetisation.

Click the Continue button for next steps.

Step 4: Configure your page:

Now, you have mostly set up the page for monetisation.

Also, some configure has to be made on the page.

These configure include the Website linking, WordPress site linking etc.

You can left blank the RSS Feed options.

Step 5: Facebook Audience Network:

facebook audience network

This is similar to the Google AdSense. It works the same in Facebook which Google AdSense does in YouTube or in your Website.

Click on the Audience Network option.

Where you will find the Your Dashboard, Payment options etc.

Check the confirmation box and click on the Get started.


I hope this guide has brought you value. My intent was to show you around how you can actually earn while using Facebook the way you’ve already been. Its fun when earning isn’t a hustle but an interesting thing to do. Since every other day people are joining Facebook, I think this would be the right opportunity to start and scale big.

Share with me your thoughts in the comment box below.

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