How to Create Business Email & Use it with Gmail for Free

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to create a business email, something like this: [email protected] for free. I’ll also show you how to use your business email with Gmail ([email protected]). This means that you’ll be able to send and receive emails using your Gmail account all for free. 

This tutorial will also save you the headache of having to always log in to your webmail account to write or check for new emails.

Having all your emails coming straight to your Gmail account makes it easy and convenient for you to have all your emails in one place. 

Note: the digits in brackets e.g. (00:02) indicate the minutes of that exact explanation in the video so you can easily jump to that section and follow along.

Video: Create Business Email & Use it with Gmail for Free

Log into your Webmail Account and Create an Email

First of all, you need to have access to your Webmail account/business email, if you don’t, contact your email/web host provider. If you have access to your Cpanel just go to the Email Accounts option (01:08).

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If you already have an email account you can just select it from the list of accounts. But for this case let’s create a new account. 

Click on the +CREATE option and enter the details of your account, that is the name and password, make sure the Send a welcome email with instructions to set up a mail client option is checked, then press the create button (01:32).

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When your new email opens up under email accounts, click the check email option then open it up with RoundCube (01:53)

Another way to access the email is to go to the website where the email is created, in this case,, enter the email and password, and login (02:27).

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Back to the email in RoundCube, when you open it up, it contains information that you need to use in Gmail to be able to receive the emails sent to this email, via Gmail, as well as respond to them. 

If you didn’t receive these details you need to contact the person who set it up or your web hosting provider to send you these details (03:27).

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If you have access to your CPanel but didn’t receive the details, you can just go to that email and check under CONNECT DEVICES > Mail Client Manual Settings.

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Send Emails using your Business Email in Gmail

If you have your details ready, open up your Gmail account and go to Settings (03:48).

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In your settings go to the Accounts and Import option. Here, you can add your business emails to be able to send and receive emails using your Gmail. Go to the Add another email address option (04:08).

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Under Email Address, add your business email or the email you created earlier, and under Name add your name (the name that will appear as the sender) then go to the Next step (04:35)

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The next window is where you add the details that you received in your business email when it was created. 

Tip: Always use the secure details (Secure SSL) (04:57)

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Under Outgoing server, copy it and paste it under SMTP Server in your Gmail settings, and under Port, select your SMTP Port from the dropdown. Under Username, type in your business/Webmail email and then the password, make sure to check the Secured Connection option then click Add Account (06:00)

QTplV8Jm9LTcZYV1n3cP8mATQM6B9ww3Btpa68d9PFGLdreU6sowQIAlc Czn75tIdy

You’ll then receive an email notification in your webmail account to approve or verify the connection. Enter the code provided and verify. If you don’t receive the email click the resend email option (06:48), or you can just click on the link in the email then approve the connection.

Go back to your Gmail Settings > Account and Import, you’ll now notice that the new email is added under the list of email addresses in the Send mail as area (07:23).

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And now, when you try to compose an email, the new email is listed in the dropdown under the From option (07:34), and you can use it to send your emails without having to log into your Webmail account.

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Receive Emails Sent to your Business Email (Webmail account) in Gmail

Back in your Webmail account, open the email containing the configuration settings (08:18);

8SoD7V6ws2IHa8qZqtkoKWXPyBY YP8Wga2faeJLqZ0pkVFdlCCknAWpDoLITekh4urCOhiDM

Gmail Settings > Account and Import, go to Check mail from other account and clock on Add a mail account (08:27), paste your business email address then click Next.

usXNOnz13yzXUNeELTwIB5C2hfeQ4pGBAZWW8zMHwRQu7T oEKj3i6BWBfWEOZIhzHOoUemylrO4cl5jpYbf 7NecQ4c8wjmTHQUo2h2hZttM

Select the option to Import emails from my other account, then click Next. In the next window add your Webmail email and password, then under POP Server and Port, enter the details from the Incoming Server section (09:02), then Add Account.

FNZ0zMqz9zb6edRE5yi4Y RBWFTZszkX5Cs9f jyo2X72OF SVb3PD1TppgBIvS4CeYHJPfPqk3s77nfSls9DFaXWUmZKWdonIJJAa78Nrh0Vaap9Qb5wavLaOKQ45UDcbpz QT9

You’ll receive a notification to confirm the connection, click on the link to confirm, and once you do, if anyone sends an email to your business or webmail account, you’ll be able to receive it and respond via Gmail, no need to open webmail.

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In closing

That’s how you can set up your business email to send and receive emails in your Gmail without having to log into webmail. Note that these emails will also be there in your webmail account when you open it.

If you have any questions or comments about this tutorial, let me know in the section below. Remember to subscribe to my newsletter and youtube channel for more tips and tutorials.

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