How to Build an Email List to your First 527 Subscribers in 180days (4 Ways)

In this article, am going to show you how to build an email list from scratch. In fact, am going to share with you the same exact strategies i used to built my email list to 527 subscribers in just 180 days.

To be very honest with you, to grow an email list email is one of the hardest things to attain. It takes time and relevance to actually get people hooked onto signing up on your email list. However in this blog, i’ll share with you some togo tips that can help your massively to build an email list for free in less than 180days.

GoTechUG List audience

Two years ago when i had just started, i thought providing an email list opt in was a one hit maker not knowing that it actually takes more than just providing an email opt in form for your visitors or readers to actually join.

And this is where i pick inspiration to write this blog. I just want to share with you some of those tips that has helped me acquire atleast 2.9 subscribers per day.

What is an Email List


Before we dive straight in, let me give a simplistic explanation of what an email list is. In simple terms, its a collection of emails with a similar interest. It could be an email list of family members, workmates and followers.

An email list gives you the leverage to reach out to your audience directly into there inbox. Atleast you’re 95% sure they’ll get your email and the 5% being that the email you sent went into a junk folder or that your contact has no email access at the moment of your sending.

Either way, the odds to reaching out to your target audience is way higher than if you had to hope for them via there social media platforms.

There are several platforms that can help you build an email list for free or even those for a price. One that i use is mailchimp and gives me the possibility to build an email list without a website or create an email list for my blog to upto 2000 subscribers for free..

The term used to describe email list building platforms is called autoresponders. As they basically give you the ability to reach out to a massive group of people with the same but personalised email into there inbox with just a single click.

Autoresponders also give you the ability to collect, create, design, schedule and publish emails on the go.

Well, that being said, let’s dive straight in on how to build an email list really fast from scratch.

1. Provide Value with NO Expectation

Complete website guide

One of those things that actually kill it online is to be resourceful and provide value to your readers.

I don’t know how much i can stress that, but ever since i put in time to write very detailed guides. I mean writing case studies of over 5000+ words with nice graphics and a custom layout. I saw a massive growth in the email opt ins that i have always provided at every end of the blog post.

Yes, it is tiring to read very long blog posts and like some of you will say, no one has time to read a 4000+ blog post you publish. But you maybe wrong to some extend.

[bctt tweet=”The trick in writing very detailed case studies and guides is that if someone searches for a specific topic and they fall on a one go to piece, they’re even more than happy to just read one piece of content and then they can simply head back straight and implement in there projects.” username=”gotechug”]

And the other thing is that when you write a detailed guide like that, you give someone the opportunity to read in phases, bookmark your page and always reference to it. And the beauty is that they can just always jump to a specific section where they’re mostly interested in and simply read that.

But the most rewarding is that you’ll be loved by search engines. I mean search engines love content that greatly provides value and NOT thin content. And this is where long and detailed pieces of content kill in the the search engine results pages.

To bring the whole point home, 90% of all search results on page one of Google are over 1000 words and that simply indicates that they’re is no space for 300-800 word blog posts.

Actually, results displayed in the top 3 spots in the search results are all over 1500+ words.

But hey, reading / consuming the content is hard, but curating the content is even harder.

[bctt tweet=”What makes it really hard is the fact that you’ll have to simplify the information and make it digestible to the reader. In most cases it requires you to use a lot of visuals including videos and graphics to bring the whole point home.” username=”gotechug”]

That aside, the whole process is full filling when you start to read responses from your visitors. Because simply writing a 500 word blog post is not the same as writing a 5000 guide.

So the amazing response from your readers. So value, value, value.. provide value.

2. Get Super Creative

Being that there is no scale to measure creativeness, i will help you create bar at which you can measure that. Try to go and spy on your competition and study what they’re doing that you don’t.

Try to understand the techniques they’re implementing in there business and actually join there email list and be in position to learn from the inside out.

But that’s just step one on getting creative.

You’ll have to investigate and ask why successful people in your niche create or design email opt-ins in a particular way, why there blogs are designed in a particular trend and what promise they actually offer at their opt in boxes and why.

That way, it will help you imagine, prepare and create your own email opt in boxes in away that will work for you. Please doNOT copy what others are doing. Just do what works for you, your business and your readers. That way, your website visitors will appreciate your uniqueness and will gladly join your email list and community with ease.

3. Offer Free Valuable Stuff (Downloads, Hacks, Resources)

Free resource downloads

Who the hell doesn’t what free stuff in this world?

Well, am here just to tell you that offering free valuable pieces of content for download and use by your readers will be one of the greatest tools you’ll ever use to build an email list.

I’ve done this before and still do it. About 6 months ago i’ve offered free downloadable resources on my blog that promises by readers a certain value. And once they opt in my email list, i send them the resource. (By clicking on that link, you’ll get instant access to my WordPress Beginner Toolkit 2019)

Only that single offer has brought me over 351 email subscribers who not only come upon searching for content on Google, end of reading content but also get on the hook and grab a free downloadable resource. If you want to grow your email list list really fast, this is something you should give a try.

Well, if you have nothing you’re offering to your audience, you’re certainly missing out on something. People just love free stuff.

4. Be Real, Keep It Short

What I couldn’t miss out mentioning on in this blog is the fact that your visitors want you to be authentic with them. When you promise something, be in position to provide it and way surpass there expectations.

The mistake we do is to think of our visitors as just traffic and NOT people. But the day you sit back and imagine this whole thing and your traffic NOT being just search visitors but real people, you’ll appreciate every single eye ball that makes a visit to your your digital work.

On being REAL starts with whatever you write in your blogs and proving what you are talking about with evidence and screenshots. That way, its easy to grab your visitors attention and earn their trust.

And once they join your list, please keep it short.

Now one has time to read your 300+ word email newsletter unless it’s to breast feeding mums. Keep your email shout outs simple to read and digest with a nice and quick call to action.

I personally use a plain template when writing newsletters and just make it look like a real email someone sends out to a friend. I keep my lines very short, precise and to the point.

GoTechUG Email Newsletter

And lastly is a call to action on why you actually wrote them. Making your email shouts as short as possible (below 300) will increase your email open and click through rate.

Even when am still struggling to raise my open rate, i’ve seen a massive improvement ever since i reduced the clutter.

GoTechUG Open rate

Maybe you’re asking, why is there a high open rate on miniskirt emails?. The answer is simple. Because your readers know its brief and they’ll be done reading in a couple of seconds. That’s it. No magic.

Here is a video i made on the channel on how to create email campaigns using MailChimp.

In closing

Well, hopefully these tips will actually help you increase your email subscribers that is if implemented well.

Let me know if there is something you could have questions about. Just to let you know, thank you for being a loyal fan, follower and subscribers, reader. I appreciate your time and always coming over to read my content. Hopefully it brings you value.

If you’re new here, be sure to join the list so as to be among the first to get my updates straight in your inbox. Use the opt in form below.

Talk soon

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