How to Build a Following on Social Media in 6 Ways

Social media has turned out to be a go to place researching about someones relevance, impact and influence. Even i when it’s narrative i personally disagree with, that doesn’t mean it those me sidelined. And if you’re not on social media, maybe maybe not, are missing out on something.

Their are so many folks out there that have changed their lives and others through the use of social media platforms to spread there influence far and beyond. It’s undoubtedly true that if you can handle your social presence with a special touch and patience, it will yield beyond what you ever expected.

In this blog, am going to share with you on some ways you can actually grow your social media impact and influence with just a handful of tips.

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Love The Process

First things first. Whenever this statement has been made i always thought to myself. What the hell are they meaning here. But falling in love with the process and loving what you’re doing will be the biggest contributing factor to whatever you’ll be doing in your entire life. Unlike other niches, social media platforms tend to discourage folks that have started on following there dreams and diving in straight to what they want to do.

This is simply because people on social media platforms tend to be victims, prosecutors, and judges at the same time. So if you’re going out there to stage your ideas on social media platforms, be ready for negative voices that will flow and fill over your own voice. And here is why you should trust the process.

Because you’ll find many highs and lows on the very beginning phases of establishing your social media presence but that shouldn’t deter you from actually diving in straight for what you want to achieve.

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Don’t Be Everywhere And NO Where!

I couldn’t write this blog and not mention the importance of actually using platforms that you’ll only very active and impactful. This is because most people starting out are all obsessed with this and that platform. And before you know it, they’re no where to be found.

It is therefore very important if you’re starting out, choose 2-3 platforms that you’ll be and provide real value. Thereafter, you can actually scale your community and keep bringing value.

For example, you may start out only on facebook and try to grow a following. Thereafter you can then move to Instagram and just repurpose the content you’ve been pushing out on Facebook.

The topic of repurposing content is a whole big one and i’ll cover that in a totally different blog but i hope you get the whole point of actually leveraging only platforms you be active. It actually doesn’t make any sense if you are everywhere but actually no where and not impactful.

Strive to be Good at what you do

Yes, don’t be a mediocre. Strive to be best at your craft. No one wants people just trying out staff. Try as much as you can to better yourself and grow your skills.

For example, if you’re into public speaking, try to make sure that you improve your speaking skills day by day and that means doing stuff like going for mentoring sessions or evening going in for online courses.

There so many platforms out there that can help your improve or better your skillet. For example, if you’re a programmer, there is code academy, khan academy and the likes where you simply have to signup and start off. On the other side, you may join udemy for courses on simply anything out there. From public speaking to cooking lessons.

Lesson: strive to be as good as you can at what you do.

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Believe in your Hustle

Okay, why would you not believe in what you’re doing. Of course, there are a great number of reasons. Like i said earlier. Social media pals tend to be judges just on anything and if you’re not very careful, you may end up giving up on your own hustle.

My point here is that you should believe in what ever you’re doing. And this is where i’ll mention that you follow people like Gary Vee so get some of those daily inspiration and motivational messages just right from a person with the right mindset.

They’re also lots of other people, books and platforms you can use to gain confidence and chase your hustle. You have only one option here, to keep going. Nothing else.

Stay Creative

Like everyone will stay, creativity mostly inspired by events that you come across, the people you meet, the movies you watch or the books your read.

Staying creative can be a little challenging at the start however, my simple advise would be to keep within reach with the right people and keep in good reach of good content sources.

There are awesome blogs you can follow for daily creative and humorous ideas.

Why i mention this is that no one whats to follow someone boring especially in today’s social media platforms. You got to be very creative to stay relevant in todays social media platforms.

And this will hugely contribute to your audience growth and reach.

Shoot for the Moon, if you fail,  fall on the Stars

This statement simply means one thing. Strive for the best that you can ever be or what you have never imagined. Yes, you can be it.

The greatest people in the world never thought they could achieve the level of success they attained. This will go from people like Elon Musk to Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. They only dreamt to be so, worked so hard to get there.

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There are a tone of things you can to do grow your social media impact and influence. What i just share here are just a few that if followed and implemented well. You can instantly grow and leverage your social media presence. Stay true and believe in the process.

By doing so, you’ll enjoy the whole process and at the some time creating content for your following and growing your impact on the different platforms. My simple and small advice is start small and then grow and scale big. Be real….

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