How Does Blogging Work and Why You Should Start a Blog in 2020?

Based on the freedom i have got to work from anywhere, at anytime and blogging about the things i love, you too should start a blog and in this article, am going to answer how does blogging work questions and why you should start a blog.

If blogging is a new term to you, here is a very brief explanation in my very own terms.
Blogging is a way to share your knowledge and information freely via a digital platform.

There are so many blogging platforms out there and one of the most common ones is WordPress (.com and .org).

Blogging started way back and gained its popularity when Google and WordPress created platforms which are for free for anyone to get a website and start sharing whatever is happening in there lives or what matters most to them.

The Google blog platform is called Blogger and the free WordPress blogging platform is called WordPress dot com.

And in this article, i just want to share with some of the beauties about blogging and why you should consider blogging in 2020 and years ahead.

If you have questions why you should start a blog or, how does blogging work?. This is the article for you and just hold on for a minute. Personally, i’ve been blogging for now 5years now.

Platforms like WordPress are marking over 13 years enabling content creators just like me to create content for free.

The beauty about this is that you don’t need any techie knowledge or how to build a basic website. All these platforms are completely free to use but ofcourse NOT all in the real sense.

Some blogging platforms like wordpress dot com will limit you on what your can do while using the free version. This will have a non-purely customerizable layout for your blog, not have enough hosting space, authors and extensions is something that you’ll also be limited to.

The same goes to Blogger the Google blogging platform. First you’re limited to having a domain name that is familiar with google and google platforms.

Then, your visitors will be forced to see advertisements running on your blog yet those Ads will be sent in by Google or WordPress if using wordpress dot com.

I have just mentioned Blogger and WordPress as blogging platforms but there are a tone of several blogging platforms out there.

Like Medium, it could even be your personal blogging platform like or something coming close to that.

That all being said, lets dive in and know how blogging works, why you should consider blogging in 2020 and the years to come.

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Why You Should Start a Blog

There are a great number of reasons to start a blog but am just going to share my own.

Those that led me into starting to write to blog and have since been the reason to see it grow now to over 10,000 unique search visitors a month.

If you asked me about the number of readers I would have attained two years ago prior starting this blog, my answer would be a few of my Facebook friends.

But also, my main motive was to share my knowledge and express myself freely online as i provide value. The reasons i share share here would be the same or similar reasons you could have to start a blog in 2020.

1. Self Expression

I don’t know how much i can express my feelings about the freedom of expression that blogging brings you.
You’ll have a free/paid for digital platform that can be accessed/reached by millions of people from all over the world.

And the beauty is, this platform or website or call it a blog is being running by you from the comfort of your home or office.

Without any pressures, you’ll have the freedom to express your creativity, originality and skill in all that you do without necessarily having to spend a penny or feeling the pressures of ‘how will they see me’.

I consider this to be the greatest joys blogging brings me and many other creators.

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2. You Reach Masses

With just a click of a button. I mean, publishing your blog posts, you’ll have access to over 3 billion internet users worldwide. It has never been any easier to have such quick and swift global access to people ever.

However, the internet and blogging platforms have made that come a reality.

One of the beauties about blogging is that, as you sleep, your content/blogs are out there traversing the world and creating an impact. And guess what, you don’t know who is reading which actually takes us to the next point.

3. Get Featured

When you get started blogging and keep it real. You get eye balls onto your content and those eyes are people among which are very interested in your niche, content and personality.

Which makes it even easier to get attention of local and international media platforms like CNBC, ProBlogger, Forbes among others.

You’ll be surprised the day a journalist or blogger from a very popular media outlet reaching out to you and interested in knowing about your story.

4. Get Hired

Among those that are consuming your content are peeps that are either directors or just people of influence at top leadership levels in multinational organisations.

And this is where the interesting thing is.

Let me suppose you have a huge interest in mental health sensitisation but an organisation like World Health Organisation is staging up a content creators sensitisation event on mental health.

Now guess what. Imagine that one of those people on the organising committee are part of your readers. And that’s how you find yourself recommended and hired right away.

Do you see yourself grabbing such an opportunity?

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5. Blow Out

If you keep yourself under the blanket. No one will get to know about your abilities, potential and whatever you’re able to bring to table. So with blogging, you get the chance to create and get noticed and then blow out.

[bctt tweet=”You can’t blow out if you’ve never existed or you don’t have content to show off. That’s why, for those that choose to put in the time, they reap really big when they blow out.” username=”gotechug”]

Fellows will get to know, follow you and then keep with you while consuming your content.

6. Educate, Inspire

Are you passionate about educating others what you know and they don’t. Are you one that loves it to inspire others. Well, blogging is the way to go.

Before i started to write a blog, all i could see are folks who could publish content on there blogs and i would so much admire to know about there personal lives in the ‘real’ world.

I could imagine how they do live there everyday life, the food they eat, people they meet and talk to. That’s what i call educating and inspiring through a simple blog.

So, if you’re the kind of person so passionate about educating others, then blogging is such a great tool your can use to reach out to masses and you’ll ever be proud about it.

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7. Change The World

Sometimes, if not most, the word change the world is used in a wrong perspective. Changing the world comes from small everyday simple things that you do and those start with things that are right within your reach.

For you to change the world, you just begin with simple small steps like writing an educative blog post about how your village life was, raising up everyday going to school and having to first get household work done.

For the folks out there that never have lived such kind of life, or have never imagined how life can be for people living is hugely different environments. They would find it intriguing.

Then, there you’re changing the world by telling your story and letting people know about how life can be through glasses of your writings.

If you’re truly that person passionate about changing the world with small little things, then blogging is something you should give short.

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Here is a quick 20min Video Tutorial on How to Make a Blog Website from scratch with zero code knowledge. (If you can open an email, you can create your blog)

Frequently Asked Why Start A Blog Questions

Short answer, Yes. Long answer.. If you want to startup and stand out, blogging is the ultimate way to go. After all, Internet is all about information, and blogging is the way to provide that information through content creation relevant to your niche. Content plays an important role in a blog

Should I start blogging in 2020?

You should probably start a blog in 2020. Despite claims that no one wants to read long-form content, or that all content will be delivered via video, the fact is, Blogging is still an extremely viable and effective medium for creating content and building an online business.

Based on a recent research, 9 of out 10 results on the fast page of Google are over 1200+ words. The result of this research concludes that the ideal blog post length is 1200+ words.

Blogging platform Medium reported in 2013 that the ideal length of a blog post is 7 minutes or 1,600 words.

However, you can also have blog posts as short as 100 words and as long as 10,000 words. It all depends on your preference and what you want to be known for.

Personal bloggers write about stuff that matters most to them while professional bloggers create content aimed at building there businesses. This means that pro bloggers will write content that is targeted at bringing in possible clients.

  1. Create search engine friendly content
  2. Network in niche communities and forums
  3. Share your blogs on social media
  4. Make proper use of keywords and blog promotion tips
  5. Comment on niche but more authoritative blogs than yours
  6. Create content that brings value. (Value Over Anything)
  7. Start and share your blogs through newsletters. (from you personal email list of friends)

What blogs are most popular?

  1. Health & Fitness Blogs
  2. DIY Blogging
  3. News blogs
  4. How-to blogs
  5. Sports focused Blogs. …
  6. Political Blogs
  7. Travel Blogging
  8. Review blogs

How to Make Money with Your Blog in 2020 (How Bloggers get paid)

  1. Monetize with CPC or CPM Ads (Placing Ads on site)
  2. Sell Private Ad space
  3. Become an Affiliate with brands
  4. Sell digital products
  5. Use it to grab clients for your business
  6. Sell memberships
  7. Use it to build your credibility
  8. Sell digital services (like content writing, video editing)


Hopefully you had a good time enjoying this blog and that you got your question on how does blogging work and why you should start a blog in 2020 answered.

You may now begin getting yourself sorted to launch your first blog soon even before 2020 runs in.

Let me know in the comments section if there is anything to help you you kick start your blogging journey. Feel free to join my newsletters for updates and my digital WordPress starter guides sent straight into your inbox.

Have a blast time and enjoy your blogging journey.

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