Cart Abandonment Recovery: How to Recover Lost Sales on your WooCommerce Store

In this post, I’ll show you how to use a free WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery Strategy to recover lost sales on your WooCommerce shop

I’ll walk you through the process step by step; from establishing email reminders to providing exclusive deals, so you can start regaining lost sales right away. 

But first, let’s understand what exactly cart abandonment is.

Cart abandonment is when a customer adds a product(s) to their cart and continues to the checkout page but, for some reason, chooses not to complete/place their order or check out.

Research shows that between 60% – 80% of carts are abandoned

But with the strategy I’m going to share with you today; the Cart Abandonment Recovery Strategy, you will be able to recover up to 3% – 14% of abandoned carts on your online store.

Let’s get to it.

Ps: Below is a step-by-step video tutorial you can follow along with.

Video: Recover Lost Sales with a Free Cart Abandonment Recovery Strategy

Keep in mind that cart recovery will only work if you gathered your customer’s email address during or on the checkout page, that way you can use their email to follow up and recover the abandoned cart.

Consider a scenario in which a customer faced a purchase-related issue that prevented them from finalizing their order, using their email address, you can notify them of the issue and include an option or link that will direct them back to the checkout page where they can finish placing their order.

email notice about purchase issue

If your customer encountered a different problem that prevented them from completing their purchase, you can also send them an email letting them know you can assist them and include a link that will lead them back to the already filled-out checkout page.

email notice on recovery assistance

Additionally, you can as well send an email to your client offering them a discount on the product(s) in their cart. 

The email may include the link to the checkout page, as well as the coupon or discount code which they can copy and paste into the coupon section back on the checkout page.

email with discount code

You can also make the email time sensitive so that the client can take action, by including the expiry date of the coupon.


The link provided in the email should redirect them to their previous prefilled checkout page so that they don’t have to fill in their details all over again, they can just continue and make their purchase. You can do this using session regeneration.

Apply Cart Abandonment Recovery to your Website

On the dashboard of your WordPress website, go to Plugins > Add New. When you search for “cart abandonment recovery”, go to the WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery, install ad activate it.

WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery

When your plugin is activated, you’ll find a new option under WooCommerce > Cart Abandonment.

Cart Abandonment option created

Under Cart Abandonment, you’ll find a dashboard displaying the number of carts that were abandoned and the number of recoveries made as well as the orders that were lost, the recovery rate and revenue.

Cart Abandonment dashboard

Set up Abandoned Cart Email Settings

#1. Recovery Email Settings

Under Settings, activate the tracking technology by enabling the Start capturing abandoned carts option.

Under the Cart abandoned cut-off time;

You can specify the period from which a cart should be considered abandoned. For example, you can say the cart should be considered abandoned if the checkout is not completed within 20 minutes.

On the Disable Tracking For option;

You can specify which people’s carts shouldn’t be tracked, for example, your Administrator or Editor could be logged in and they’re making changes, and you can remove tracking for those.

Under Exclude email sending for option; 

You can define which order statuses should be excluded from the abandonment recovery. For example, you can say if someone’s order status is “completed” or “processing”, the system shouldn’t send a recovery email to them.

If you like, you may also enable the Notify recovery to admin option so that the administrator receives an email whenever a recovery is made, that is when an email is sent to the client and they complete their purchase.

Notify recover to admin setting

Under Coupon Settings;

You can set it up so that your coupons are automatically generated, and you can enable the Delete coupons automatically option to ensure that the coupon is deleted after it expires and that your client does not reuse this coupon. Or you can have your coupons manually deleted.lX6F8tR6tP59e038wyoU7tAND9aFB4SO a0CikXWwj78 DzkGEuc0opFNBhVpeOPocdW7tePTLGrmPqm041jGkntrFhZTdJUq jfgzRlaDJ3r9SlFLo8uymEhP xLpB8YIqWV4DDqkTzy62 0LUYAv7GEcrTb

Under the Emails Settings;

You can set up how you want your recovery email to look. You can set up your From address and name, and your Reply-to address.

Under Recovery report emails;

You can specify where the recovery report emails should be sent. You can add multiple emails for this, each on a separate line.

Under Webhook Settings;

If you want to integrate the cart abandonment with other platforms, you can enable the webhook option and add a webhook URL which will be automatically triggered when a cart is abandoned.

Integrating Cart abandonment recovery

You may additionally enable the Delete plugin data option so that the data is removed when the plugin is uninstalled.

When you’re finished, don’t forget to Save Changes.

#2. Follow-Up Emails

The WooCommerce cart abandonment recovery plugin has three already-made email templates you can use for your cart recovery process.

The first template (Sample Email Template 1) should be triggered after 30 minutes of cart abandonment.

Template 2 is best sent out after 1 day of cart abandonment, and the 3rd one is sent 3 days after cart abandonment.

Follow-up email templates

You can go ahead and edit these settings to your preference.

For example, if you click on the Edit option of Sample Email Template 1, under Send hos email you can change it for it to be sent in 1 hour.

sample Email Template

You can also rename your email template. Note that the template name will not appear n the email, only the subject and the body.


You can send yourself a test email to check out how it will appear before sending it to your clients.

test email

You can as well modify your Email subject and body to your preference.

The Email body incorporates dynamic fields that are picked up from the checkout page. For example the client’s name, the admin’s or sender’s name and the company name. 

Additionally, it features a link that directs customers to their already-filled checkout page.

featured link to the filled checkout page

To edit these dynamic fields

You can go to CartFlows where you’ll find documentation of different shortcodes that you can use in your recovery email.

cartflows table showing shortcodes

You’ll also be able to add the Unsubscribe shortcode which will enable your client to unsubscribe from the recovery emails if they are not interested in completing their purchase.

Unsubscribe shortcode from the recovery emails

If a client unsubscribes from the first recovery email they will not receive the rest of the follow-up emails.

On the Use WooCommerce email style option;

You can activate it to specify that the WooCommerce email format is used for all recovery emails sent.

This will guarantee that your cart abandonment recovery emails use the transactional emails’ pre-designed email template that you set up in your WooCommerce.

To set up your WooCommerce email template;

Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Emails

SpvVLGTFjvoPi87QhRt0558DmDH3v6IK4xdxaNhLo0n3ECp DFU S1L6bOwzZqR4xTbCgkXrPMoyM9CCcwy2sE8Z10 fovuxkt2naXSaDW3L7ypwuLITglDR ai93GvMUzNDWR9wEqO6eOXKHXGmHZ5GU7P2UK62nh2c6OMmZdiIrqfyZmcFKIkvVHSQ

Down on the Email sender options,

You can add your logo under the Header image and you can add your company details on the Footer.

You can also customize the colours for your background, text, and other elements.

create a custom design of color and text

Back to Cart Abandonment, be sure to activate your email template and save your changes.

Activate cart abandonment template

You can proceed and personalize the second and third follow-up emails according to your preferences using the same processes as above. Remember to Update changes when you are done.

To add a coupon to for example your last follow-up email, you can enable the Create coupon option then specify your discount type and the amount you want to offer as a discount, then you can specify the coupon’s expiry date.

There are also other additional settings you can add to the coupon like offering free shipping, automatically adding coupons at checkout, etc.

additional settings

If you want to create your own follow-up email instead of using the provided one;

Go to the Follow-up emails option then click the Create new template button then fill in the details of your email.

create new template

WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery (WCAR) FAQs

What is abandoned cart recovery?

Abandoned cart recovery is a strategy used to restore abandoned carts into sales. If your clients added products to their cart but left without checking out or completing their purchase, you can use cart recovery to send them reminders to go back to your site and complete their order.

What is the average abandoned cart recovery rate?

Your abandoned cart recovery rate may depend on the strategy you use to recover your abandoned carts. 

If your abandoned cart recovery rate is above 10%, then you are doing a pretty good job.

For example with the WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery Strategy, you can recover your carts between 3% – 14%. 

How is the abandoned cart recovery rate calculated?

If you have 100 shoppers who abandoned their carts then send all of them recovery emails and let’s say 10 of them return to complete their purchase, your abandoned cart recovery rate is 10%.

Why do carts get abandoned?

Clients may abandon their carts for various reasons, the most common being;

*Unexpected high costs like shipping costs, taxes, and other extra costs
*Security reasons; for example, they may not feel safe providing supersensitive information
*Limited payment options on your online store
*Obligatory account creation in order for them to complete a purchase
*Or maybe someone was just window shopping or they changed their mind

Is a CartFlow subscription required to use the WCAR plugin?

WCAR is a free standalone open-source WordPress plugin by Cartflows. You can use it on any WordPress website to recover abandoned carts.

Can you replace the text-based email templates with HTML emails with images, a logo, etc?

Yes, my workaround was to adopt using the WooCommerce email styles (template) to replace the text-based WCAR

Are email sequences triggered by the customer’s actions?

No. They are triggered by the conditions set by the shop manager or site administrator, for example, a time delay (cut-off time) or maybe an action.

Does WCAR send recovery emails even when a customer buys from 1st recovery email?

No. All sequences/follow-up emails are automatically cancelled if the customer returns and completes their purchase after the 1st recovery email.

Can one unsubscribe from WCAR emails?

Yes. The unsubscribe dynamic link is available in the email footer template.

Can you use WCAR with CRMs like Fluent, Active campaign etc via webhook?

You can use WCAR with other CRMs via webhooks. It also enables you to integrate Zapier; a platform that enables you to take automation to the next level.

Does WCAR capture emails everywhere on the website?

No, WCAR only collects emails at the checkout page.

Does WCAR work without email?

No, an email is needed so that it can be used in the abandonment recovery sequence emails.

How long does it take to set up?

In less than 4mins, you’ll be able to start collecting emails at checkout pages on your website.

Does WCAR work only with the Cartflows plugin installed?

No. WCAR works with any WordPress website whether or not Cartflows is installed.


For any comments, questions or suggestions, please use the comment box below. And please remember to subscribe to my Youtube channel and newsletter for more tips and tutorials.

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