Elementor Review: WordPress Drag and Drop Theme Builder

Elementor is now considered the #1 WordPress page builder with over one million active users enjoying the easy way to design WordPress websites with totally zero coding knowledge. It is an open source drag and drop page builder with high-quality code and SEO optimized built to expand.

I have been using Elementor for a year now building WordPress sites for Blogging, eCommerce and recruitment/job sourcing websites.

Elementor makes it seamlessly easy to build a WordPress website from ground up with zero knowledge to writing coding. It comes freely available in the WordPress plugin directory and logged with ton of ready-made stunning templates, sections and elements.

In this guide, i will take you through a number of features, functions and possible design challenges that can be achieved while using Elementor way easier than any other available drag and drop page builder for WordPress.

5 Unique Features About Elementor Like No other

1. Elementor is Fast

Elementor is way faster than other WordPress page builders. With it, no more drag, drop & wait. Elementor lets you design on the frontend with instant, real time results

2. Free & Open Source

Elementor is the first full free & open source frontend page builder, that includes full access to all the design features you might need

3. Easy To Use

Every control has been meticulously selected to provide the best user experience and allow you to design at record speeds

4. No Coding

Reach high-end designs, without coding. The resulting page code is compact & optimized for every device and screen

5. Any Theme. Any Page

Use Elementor with your favorite or customized theme. Change themes and still keep all your designs. Landing pages, homepages, posts, portfolios, products. Elementor can be used to design any page or custom post type on WordPress.

Elementor Features and Functionalities

I have grouped all the features and functionalities together making 6 section. Starting with the Design, Tools, Mobility, Media, Integrations and Support section. Each section is further explained and subdivided into specific features as they work with Elementor.

#1 Design With Elementor

Elementor Essentials

Drag and Drop
Elementor includes the fastest, most intuitive editor in WordPress. Simply drag, drop and customize
No Coding
Reach high-end designs, without coding. The resulting page code is compact & optimized for every device
Choose from dozens of widgets, to create any content you need. Buttons, headlines, forms, there’s nothing you can’t do
Inline Editing
Type straight on screen, using the inline editing feature. This makes writing blog posts and other content an easy and intuitive process
Template Library
Choose from over 300 beautifully crafted templates, designed to fit every industry and need
Mobile Editing
Switch to mobile view, and tweak every element to make it look perfect on any device
RTL Ready
Elementor is multilingual and offers full support for both LTR and RTL languages
Translation Ready
Elementor has been translated to over 23 different languages, and the list of translated languages is growing
Custom Breakpoints
Change the mobile and tablet breakpoint values, to adapt your websites to specific device sizes

Theme Builder

Header and Footer
Customize the header and footer areas of your site visually, without any code
Creating headers with Elementor

Creating headers with elementor
Creating headers with elementor

Creating custom footers with Elementor

Creating custom footers with elementor
Creating custom footers with elementor

Sticky Header
Add a sticky header to any page, or across your website, with a click of a button. No additional plugins needed
Archive Page
Design your entire blog in Elementor, or designate different templates to different areas of your blog
Single Post
Create your blog post template, and attribute it across your site or to any category, page or taxonomy
404 Page
Direct your visitors to custom make 404 pages that can be built entirely inside Elementor
ACF & Toolset
Create the content fields in ACF or Toolset, then visually incorporate them in any page
Dynamic Content
By using dynamic widgets, building dynamic pages is just as easy as building static ones
Display Conditions
Decide exactly where your global templates appear across your site
Theme Elements
Use the Theme Elements widgets that provide the dynamic placeholder for content that comes later from your website


Section Width
Go beyond the oversimplified and generic page designs, by having more control over the various sections
Section Height
Go beyond the oversimplified and generic page designs, by having more control over the various sections
Nested Columns
Create advanced layouts by nesting columns inside a given column. This creates a sort of inner section crucial for certain designs
Column Gap
Change the gaps between columns in order to let your design breathe
Column Width
Enter a specific column width, or visually scale the width by dragging the edge of the column
Content Position
Position your column and content, and stretch the column to the full height of the section
Full Width
Easily create full width pages no matter which theme you are using, with the strech section feature
Margin & Padding
Set the padding & margin for sections, columns and widgets
Put any section, column or widget in the front or back, using the Z-index feature


Background Gradients
With Elementor, it’s easy to add background gradient colors to any WordPress page or post
Background Videos
Make your background come alive by adding interesting background videos to your sections
Background Overlay
Add another layer of color, gradient or image above your background
Shape Divider
Add interesting shapes that separate the sections of your page in many ways
Box Shadow
Set custom made box shadows visually, without having to deal with CSS
Elementor Canvas
Switch to the Elementor Canvas template, and design your entire landing page in Elementor, without having to deal with the header or footer
One-Page WebsitesCreate a one page website that includes click to scroll navigation, as well as all the needed sections of a website

Theme Content

Nav Menu Widget
Use the most advanced Menu Builder for WordPress and customize it visually, no coding needed
Login Form Widget
Include customized login forms to any page and help your users log in easily
Search Widget
Design Fullscreen, Minimal & Endless Other Search Box Variations
Posts Widget
Display a list of any custom post types in various layouts and ways
WordPress Comments Widget
Get your visitors to leave there comments on your posts and pages
Yoast Breadcrumbs Widget
Help your visitors navigate through your website by including custom Breadcrumbs from the popular Yoast SEO plugin
Portfolio Widget
Create a portfolio layout that includes works your visitors can filter
Author Box Widget
Include the author bio box inside your blog, and get your readers to know more about the author


Templates – Pages
Choose from a wide array of beautifully pre-designed templates
Build your page piece by piece using Blocks, pre-designed and simple section templates
Save & Reuse
After you finish creating your page you can save it to library and reuse it with one click
Import / Export
Export your template and import it, including images, to any other site
Search & Filter
Locate the template that best fits your needs by searching and filtering through the templates
Template Widget
Add the Template widget and embed any template with a simple drag & drop
Embed Anywhere
Get the shortcode for any template and embed it anywhere you like

#2 Elementor Tools


Revision History
With Revision History, your entire page creation process is saved and can be easily re-traced
Auto Save
Your work is always saved and backed up automatically. No need to click save
Redo Undo
Make a mistake? Quickly undo it with a simple CTRL / CMD Z
Hotkeys are keyboard shortcuts that save you time when performing various actions
Global Colors & Typography
Set the global colors and typography to have them effect the style of your entire site
Custom Color Picker
Customize the colors that appear in your color pickers throughout Elementor
Draft Mode
Published a page and want to continue working on it? No problem, simply save it as draft
Global Widget
Save your favorite widget settings and reuse the widget on any page with a simple drag and drop
Copy Paste
Quickly copy any element and paste it in a different place on the page, or in an entirely different page on your site
Copy Style
Copy the entire styling from a widget, column or section and paste it in another element with a click.


Easy to customize
Play with the font family, size, weight, transform, style, decoration, line-Height and letter spacing
Google Fonts
Choose from hundreds of Google fonts available in every widget with text
Custom Fonts
Add your own custom and Typekit fonts and use them throughout your projects
TypeKit Integration
Add your own custom and Typekit fonts and use them throughout your projects
Text Shadow
Emphasize your content by adding a text shadow effect to any widget with text
Title HTML Tag
Setting the right HTML tag for the title (H1 or otherwise) is important in terms of SEO
Font size: PX, EM, REM
Set whether your typography is scaled using PX, EM or REM, for better responsive design
Drop Cap
Make the first letter of your blog post larger, to create a stylish and distinguished look

#3 Elementor Mobility

100% Responsive
Use Elementor’s extensive mobile editing tools to create a website that is truly 100% responsive


Mobile Font Size
With this feature, you can change the font size per device
Responsive Column Width
Choose a different column layout for mobile by changing the column width
Padding and Margin
This feature is used to make a different padding or margin size per device
Reverse Columns
This feature reverses the ordering of columns, so when you go to mobile the last column will appear on top
Hide and Show Elements (Visibillity)
You can hide sections and widgets from showing on any device
Responsive Sizing
Choose between PX EM % and VH for sizing inside Elementor

#4 Elementor Media

Social Media

Share Buttons
Get your audience to share your content across the most popular social media platforms
Share your best lines and quotes on Twitter with a custom designed Blockquote box
Facebook Embed
Easily embed Facebook posts and videos to increase your social media reach
Facebook Comments
Quickly add Facebook comments to any page and start communicating with your audience better
Facebook Button
Get more likes and social engagement by including a Facebook like button at the end of each post
Facebook Page
Put your Facebook page right inside your website and get more likes and followers
Social Icons Widget
Add social icons to any page, to increase traffic towards your social profiles


Price Table Widget
Create advanced price tables that display your products or services
Price List Widget
Add catalogs and menus to your website, with a list of products and services that include pricing
Woo Products Widget
Display your WooCommerce products and filter the exact products you want to display
Woo Elements Widget
Add your cart page, Single product page, checkout page, order tracking form or my account
Woo Categories Widget
Display your product categories and choose exactly which categories are shown
Woo Add To Cart Widget
Create a product page that includes an actionable Add to cart button


Flip Box Widget
Create animated boxes that flip to the other side, once the visitor hovers over them
Call to Action Widget
The Call to Action widget uses animations and CSS effects to create amazing and interactive boxes
Entrance Animations
Add hover and entrance animations and set an interactive way for your widgets to appear
Hover Animations
Create magnificent hover animations that add another layer of interaction to your website
Animated Headlines Widget
Create attention grabbing headlines that highlight or rotate the most important part of the headline


Media Carousel Widget
Showcase your images and videos in a rotating carousel that looks amazing
Slides Widget
Add simple yet powerful image sliders that are as easy to use and optimized as it gets
Image & Gallery Lightbox
Customize your image and gallery popup lightboxes and create a full screen experience
Video Lightbox
Customize your image and video popup lightboxes and create a full screen experience
Font Awesome Icons
Add any one of the long list of Font Awesome icons available inside Elementor’s icon widgets
4 Different Video Options
Embed self-hosted, YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion videos in your pages
Let your visitors play a tune while they are visiting your site, using the SoundCloud widget
Google Maps
Embed a Google map and help your visitors pinpoint your business location

#5 Elementor Integrations


Contact Forms
Your visitor will be eager to contact you, after seeing the beauty and simplicity of Elementor’s forms

Elementor contact forms

Elementor contact forms
Elementor contact forms

Subscription Forms

Creating free subscription boxes with elementor
Creating free subscription boxes with elementor

Add an inline subscription form that your visitor can use to subscribe to your newsletter or service
Login Form
Let your visitors easily log in to WordPress using the Login Form widget
Action After Submit
Decide what happens after your visitor submits a form, including the triggered integrations
Email 2
Send a confirmation email to your visitors after they submit a form
Email HTML / Plain
Choose whether the email is sent as an HTML email, which includes HTML styling or as a plain text email
Custom Messages
Create a custom message that is displayed in the form when the user interacts with it
Hidden Fields
Include hidden fields in your forms, used mostly to add tracking to form submissions
Advanced Form Fields
Upload files, add a date picker or use Elementor’s other advanced form fields
Acceptance Field
Include an acceptance field to your forms, making sure your visitors accept your terms
Use this simple yet effective security measure to make sure your forms aren’t spammed by spambots


Easily integrate to MailChimp and get your visitors added into your lists
Creating free subscription boxes with elementor
Facebook SDK
Intergrate to the Facebook SDK and manage the Facebook comments that you receive as an admin
Easily find out how many times your page has been shared on social media with donReach’s API
Add a reCAPTCHA verification field to your forms, making sure your visitors are legit
Easily integrate to Drip and get your visitors added into your lists
Easily integrate to ActiveCampaign and get your visitors added into your lists
Easily integrate to GetResponse and get your visitors added into your lists
Easily integrate to ConvertKit and get your visitors added into your lists
Adobe TypeKit
Add your Adobe TypeKit key and get all your favorite fonts in Elementor


Landing Pages
Creating and managing landing pages has never been this easy, all within your current WordPress website
Testimonial Carousel Widget
Increase your business’ social proof by adding a rotating testimonial carousel of your most supportive customers
Form Widget
Goodbye backend! Create all your forms live, right from the Elementor editor
Countdown Widget
Increase the sense of urgency by adding a countdown timer to your offer

#6 Elementor Support


Maintenance Mode
Set maintenance mode on WordPress, including coming soon and maintenance mode templates
Developer API
Follow elementor extensive developer API and create addons and theme that extend Elementor
Version Control
Want to rollback to a previous version? You can easily do it with a click
Custom CSS
Add custom CSS to every section, column, widget or page in Elementor
Replace URL
Changed your domain? Run the Replace URL feature to make sure everything is updated with the new address
Regenerate CSS
Clear your CSS files and generate new files after making changes on your pages
HTML Widget
Enter your code right into Elementor using the HTML widget
Role Manager
Restrict access to the editor altogether, or allow users to only change the content
Set the tag that surrounds your widget elements. You can pick from div, p, span and so on
Image Size
Setting the size of your image files can help you reduce the page load speed


Video Tutorials
Watch as elementor educational instructors show you how to use Elementor
24/7 Support
Enjoy elementor professional 24/7 customer support and get help with any issue
In-Depth Articles
Learn step-by-step tutorials that teach you how to create beautiful websites with Elementor

In Closing:

On my recent review on the best 15 WordPress page builders, Elementor came #1 and i found it wanted for to review this awesome tool. If you’re among those that found it hard to decide page builder plugin to use when starting out with WordPress website design, I highly recommend trying Elementor.

Today, it supports a large user base and i see it growing even better in the coming years. Feel free share with you what you take is on Elemetor in the comment box below.

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