How to Edit Footer Copyright Credits in Astra WordPress Theme 😋

In this tutorial, I am going to show you step by step how to edit, change or remove the copyright text, site name, powered by links in the footer of the Astra theme. You don’t need to have any coding knowledge for this!

Note: the digits in brackets e.g. (00:02) indicate the minutes of that exact explanation in the video so you can easily jump to that section and follow along.

Video: Edit Footer Copyright Credits in Astra Theme

Let’s get started

First, log into your WordPress website. Go to Appearance > Customize (00:34).

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In the customization window that opens up, go to Footer  on the left-hand side menu, then click on the Footer Bar option (00:38)

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How To Hide Astra Footer Content

In the Footer Bar section (00:47), the Astra theme gives you the option to select whether to have a footer credit or a widget or a footer menu. In this case, first, select None, then click the Publish button.

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When you preview the page and scroll down to the footer section, there’s nothing (01:11)

Edit The Astra Theme Footer

What I want to show you in this tutorial is how to edit an existing footer credit, so back in your footer customization, under Section 1 select Text.

Take note of the text that’s in the brackets [current_year], [site_title], [theme_author] (01:29)

8etftaPZ v PljLpgdOnVWtczErC9n9srb5oLSpk8bBLkvDGRDf59G2INUe7xuh1bWxixR90LoSxYxM20wUheZooM 47v9K36mICL4W5Qu8TQJLUXK w5h4EsU72fOPFkXRgpZfe

The footer was set to work dynamically. The text in the brackets for example,

[current_year] means it displays the current year,

[site_title] means the title of your website is displayed in the footer,

[theme_author] displays the author of the theme. 

If any of this information changed on your website, the footer would automatically change too (02:44)


Let’s edit this information. For example, remove the theme author and put something else (for example; Powered by Digital Agency), publish and reload the preview page (03:33)

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Add Custom URL Link to Astra Footer 

We’re going to add a link to the “Digital Agency” text in the footer so that when someone clicks on it, they can be redirected somewhere.

To do this:

Go back to your WordPress dashboard >Pages > Add New, copy the text; “Digital Agency” and paste it under the page title. Then select the text and select Link to add a link to it (04:21), you can type in the link to the website where you want your visitors to be redirected, for example, if I type in ‘’ and click Apply (04:42), when someone clicks on Digital Agency they’ll be redirected to the GoTechUG website. 

WeaY0v2eU1XA4QFvz rSUEj7rfed8vpX3dgr0uxfkcn3eRQIAim1Pau5FKq 6yo0 UBB0vfVoh1 OdXMfKX92uQFvwcQSyVJrvwcCw7w X6Tc4n6KbrnmPiWmIv5Tn42Zl3iNPy

Now you need to get the HTML code for the hyperlink you’ve set. 

Click on the 3 dots and click on the Edit as HTML option (04:55), then select the text that’s between the anchor tags, copy it (05:05). 

fqBuDF6FMEmP95FZiqAchNE aPTvKwUDxtczxCQ1jgeGQEW8qZmgw2tnQtleNDnXXbp0YGNBGp8 FpgLK08t5 sPq34jY IezTTojXdWRZpG9p8GsDrAUg6Udj pNffsheyAPvp
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Go back to your footer customization, replace the text ‘Digital Agency’ with the HTML code you just copied: <ahref =“”>Digital Agency</a> (05:18)

vD7DpEImtXpXiL7MFmLu2ROk8pInjiKsYurcDUEDRDCqWEFLHq6PQzA536b lFUt3 i7aCBsAnMKPF0TfKghI6spiY4H oJ4VBRywwdmBz8UZYf5vfdStpZ7rrdj5duMFdCZhkpK

Click the Publish button, then reload the preview page (05:28). 

Now if anyone clicks on the Digital Agency, they’ll be redirected to the website. 

You may want your website link to be opened up in a new tab when someone clicks on it. To make this happen:

Go back to your edit page area, click on the 3 dots, and select Edit visually (05:46)

iV9VtJKfHT e9O7kJrpWkSuAODyJf9c0VWLcT3NrqEAx8dMhYQEepLlX oFTX6nkGgjxBwf4FBxgqEyBBj coi ikQXNJ1zdRywlXaidcghcKZGDfAQhpc0cOlx yQcvtiK2yEXh

Select the hyperlink and edit, enable the Open in new tab option (05:52), then click Apply.

UqEXSF45G6arD Qv REXzb1PO NAUAmPzs n2c v INmUvyUcL8l0Ed3jrhFplWKBc0e91xkPnHOa0 EUFCI89kf5KIT0CW6Fwcb8mci40dzIEWOqTwn4TeDFe0eFBUkyKWhYw3h

Go back to the 3 dots and Edit as HTML (06:01), copy the text that’s in between the anchor tags, then go back to your footer customization and paste it (06:15)

Edit Footer Copyright Credits in Astra

When you publish and go reload the preview, when the Digital Agency text is clicked on, it opens up the website in a new tab.

You can also do further editing, for example, you can set text to italics, make it bold, or whatever else you prefer.

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In closing

That’s how you can easily edit footer copyright credits in Astra theme.

Remember to subscribe o my newsletter and youtube channel for more tips and tutorials. And if you have any comments or questions let me know in the comments section below.

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