Create Free Header and Footers using Elementor Header Footer Builder by Elements Kit

In this article, I’m going to show you how to create a header and footer in Elementor using the Elements Kit Elementor header footer builder for free. Elements kit also comes with a bundle of free widgets, premade sections, page templates, mega menu builder, header and footer templates. 

Note: the digits in brackets e.g. (00:02) indicate the minutes of that exact explanation in the video so you can easily jump to that section and follow along.

Video: Elementor Header Footer Builder Tutorial using Elements Kits

Install Elements Kit Addon for Elementor

Go to Plugins > Add New on your WordPress dashboard, search for Elements Kit then install and activate it (01:01)

ZtoARo9Rkda7TBLZBwMo75ULf4U8AhiBCxHdAZ71ISqJu9f44iZp0G0N41CYY6NH P7eJlzdpSpbQSl28naEiMtGVffS Hw5PjVp7scj5g7Jaco7PO3ZThlrWOF Azvug1T4pNeQ

After you install and activate it, it will show on your dashboard menu, click on My Templates, then on ElementsKit (01:07)

Vq2nUGqSzy0iQXDuAXKJfdr9aLLxA5PubbrM i18cAAk1T30Cl9ufJSiXEa8kMl5wHV vXQV3wcVC2aa1uiJZj6FtI1gX1kJVmss2CCut8aieNn5SpjCaYJbzqVrDwWWQH6sNzH

Go to Modules and make sure the Header Footer option is enabled (01:18), then Save Changes.

elementor header footer builder

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Create a Header using Elements Kit Free Elementor Header Footer Builder

Go back to My Templates under ElementsKit then Add New, under Title select EK Demo Header, under Type; Header, and for Conditions; Entire Site, enable the Activation option, click Save Changes and then Edit Content (02:13)

YC7QmNyOB5Ru0JN0X1TCa5eCXUUDcvkX0Vx3QtPtB3rnrrYZiCHqhWAlta ieO4a1Qjz kD2U YHlf3lyKtONBL7orfLQ8LoE0uiHHOAraA gFAhQZojXrTpConhV1ZiuUOe2psL

When your page opens up in the Elementor editor, click on the Elements Kit icon to open up the Elements Kit library (02:30) 

0EMfQzFC3ODXP97BQO n aqtGJqxQ1LFWJSoOW2vSy8W 6s3p vza0SMY9dPWZsKNA8G2Tl8ZPCtTUMs5AwhceV33M5i XxUutZ0

Under Headers, you’ll find a couple of premade headers for both free and pro users, select a free header and insert it (02:56)

mPd fnIW70CeSVrM0bo6XwhIQBs1oHp2hsATzeedozgJJyNpm42LY5VP7o 3P5UJetOHTDP dVm8zQ42Yjc1nmykZ nC QW06O8OP j grTxbxkvhpcga 6NfsAVw1nY8vQAaoTn

When the header opens up in your editor, you can make changes to it, for example, you can change the logo, the menu, you can even delete any sections in it you don’t need. Delete the last column in the header, then click the Update button (03:24)

FJl6tHZUWsoMTqC9oyETCbAzGSOwTuHmtzwbfFRBgMN6xLhqPKTYB1 nPNgxey AL67JF H9VHK1cQZSAyATaZEY zmjtf8h1RlU52 JmOH0hNWk P8bMwX6iw1gi31DO6eO6Ho


To create a menu for your header, go to Appearance > Menus on your WordPress dashboard (03:38), create a new menu, give it a name, then click Create Menu.

bigIXWmKyV G7b GnTk5wkfUlPE0Fuf coQ2KLTsfQ9omFhMpmysE21xOLmaUmOEW F 5o6AIbZlrEA3DsgsVez

Under Pages, you can select the pages or items you want to assign to your menu, Add to Menu, then you can arrange them the way you want them to appear, and when you’re done Save Menu (04:04), and your menu will show up in your editor.

rp HtC

After you make changes to your header in the Elementor editor, click the Update button then preview your changes (04:42)

2lyVaULMS qJ QgtrHkAS A79lNti7UFiyleXhuWBfo8c8pRVO2UV7NA2y1aoeMGZ29ectuRisMT4r4Mln8sCXbL1vw6EjmvZXuhdOwyfkN6ZjTumuNZkHPwfzNs Q9r7Wm9d eO

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Create a Footer Using Elements Kit Free Elementor Header Footer Builder

Back to your WordPress dashboard, go to ElementsKit > My Templates > Footer > Add New. Under Title select EK Demo Footer, under Type; Footer, under Conditions; Entire Website, enable Activation, Save changes and Edit content (05:21)

pXXnCJwTllH6lnE3nWbdrlI8lCsIerEFhYr8hDSFsz9AzXVgUoWWTTaKshPphCOFbYhkIQRR8s1ewmCIgTO3tvNqo7guzv m4 r4jY4JeWsYXRNMD5hvpRt DbFA00 YkA

When the page opens up in the Elementor editor, just like with the header you have the option to create everything from scratch, or you can use templates from the Elementor Template library, but in this case, just click on the EK icon, then under Footers select a footer template and insert it (05:53)

OCTCnsFOzVXI78Lio0eZ8o6PgZ3yIj88 15VBUN0q7iA2N2HMj 1z6It PJgdtmcSDxnfbz56zmFeoyJCh h 4UdJPClJdCewgj6nPmk2jp8z0q4IEJcDF2sQSHKMAeiIu3f4AN

You can now make changes to your footer and add or remove any sections.

Go to your Widgets area and drag a Nav Menu widget to your footer (06:11), delete the widget that was there.

QYepn XAhy3GT OmR7vnhEkbPLEaipkG14I2zFr5yfvzY2Sg6qHSO7qQj20FI jQ0 DdwCb7Vpmgz4Dkkn1iaE2DvDgCXRRPnvwd0Xo1uWNY537Fs Zqiri0MBMpy0enIXXCu65e

Select the Nav Menu widget and in the Edit Nav Menu area on the left, under Menu Settings, you can select the Menu to show, set the menu Height to 30 pixels, then click the Update button, and when you preview your page, you should have a new footer like this one (07:03)


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In closing

That’s how you can use Elements Kit Header Footer Builder to create headers and footers for your Elementor website. 

For any questions or comments, let me know in the comments section below, and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter and youtube channel for more of these tips and tutorials.

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