LastPass Tutorial: How To Create And Manage Passwords Securely

If you have been on the lookout for a way you could save and manage passwords in one central and secure place online, then LastPass is a password management tool you absolutely have to check out.

And in this tutorial, am going to show you how to create and save secure passwords with ease using LastPass. With LastPass free, you’re in position to generate and save hundreds of passwords, create secure notes, bank information, addresses and lot more with a single user account.

LastPass also gives you the ability to setup a one time password which adds another layer of security incase someone tries to gain access to your LastPass account.

Below is a breakdown of a few of the amazing LastPass features, how they work and how you can setup LastPass for free on all devices.

Here is a complete LastPass video tutorial, however if you wish to read, you may simply skip this section.

1. Password Vault

The password vault is basically your password database where each any every password you create is stored. Your password vault opens up in a separate window that is, if opened up using an extension.

And if you used the LastPass website to login, it is the main interface you interact with once you’re login in.

Lastpass vault

The vault basically has all the features of LastPass embedded right in. It gives you the ability to generate and save passwords, cards, address and also make changes to your LastPass account.

It is from within the password vault that you can set up your bank accounts, emergency access, security challenge and as well be able to upgrade your account subscription.

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2. Secure Password Generator

One of the amazing features i love about LastPass is the fact that i can generate VERY secure passwords with a click of a button.

LastPass makes it possible for you to generate passwords of up 99 characters.

lastpass password generator

With the Password generator, you can choose between creating easy to say passwords, easy to read or just all characters.

You’re also able to make a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols as characters in your password.

This whole process just requires to you make a few clicks within the password generator pop out window.

Once you’re done, you just have to copy the password or click the fill out button for you to have that password filled into a form.

3. Password AutoSave by LastPass

The password autosave feature is yet another exciting one from LastPass. When creating accounts online, you don’t have to get worried about copy pasting your created password into LastPass.

All you have to do is to add the LastPass extensions in your browser (see in video) and then LastPass will do the grabbing or capturing every new password entered into a new form.

[bctt tweet=”In some cases where you have changed your password, LastPass will prompt you to update an existing password of the same web address (username or email address) where changes where effected.” username=”gotechug”]

All this is done automatically by LastPass’s smart system the detects any changes regarding passwords and user accounts in your browser or mobile app.

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4. LastPass Password AutoFill

Well, once you have your password created or generated, saved and added to the vault. Next thing is to make use of it.

Now here, the most exciting bit is that you don’t have to always open a separate LastPass window to copy paste passwords to different addresses where you want to use them.

The LastPass autofill feature does the hard work for you.

It promptly detects web addresses where you create a password and is saved in the LastPass vault.

LastPass AutoFill

Then, every other time you want to make use of the password, LastPass will give you the available passwords based on that web address. These options show up as drop downs in the user and password fields.

One thing you have to take note of, is that you have to make sure you got an extension added to your browser and you must be signed in to LastPass through that extension.

5. One Time Login Auth (2FA)

LastPass requires you to have 1 master password. But how about if someone gets to know about your master passwords either through guessing tactics like brute force attacks, or through keyboard entry sniffers.

Such attacks are very possible any you may never get to know if there is a malware installed on your computer just to monitor, steal and send your keyboard entries to an attacker.

Now, the solution to that is the LastPass’s one time login authenticator which is an advanced way to secure your LastPass account is here for you.

What it basically does is to add another layer of security and entry or access to your account.

When a OTA is added to your account, someone who guesses you master password will be required to enter a code that will be sent to your phone number. Or that person may be required to scan a barcode using the same device you used when setting up your LastPass two factor authentication.

This is all done before the attacker is able to access your password vault. Unless they have full access to your mobile phone, they’ll be kept completely out of access your passwords.

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6. LastPass Browser Extensions

Life is made easy with the freely available LastPass Browser extensions.

Whether you’re a chrome, safari, IE or firefox user, there is a LastPass extension for it.

For the LastPass Chrome Extensions, you basically have to go the Apps sections, then web store and then search for LastPass. Add it to chrome, then log in to the extension using the LastPass credentials.

The same applies for LastPass firefox extension which is found under preferences > extensions and themes > then search and add LastPass.

For the LastPass safari extension, you go to safari, >then safari extensions > then search and add LastPass to your safari browser.

7. LastPass Pricing

If you consider going premium for some reason, LastPass comes with two premium packs. One called LastPass premium which goes for $3/m and on top of all the features available in free, you’ll get one to many sharing, emergency access, advanced multi-factor options, priority tech support, LastPass for  Applications and 1GB encrypted files storage and applies for only 1user.

For the premium family pack which is only available for 6 user for $4/m. Includes all that is in the premium pack and adds the feature to group and share items in folders and a family manager dashboard.

Of course, the free version comes with access on all devices, one to one sharing, save and fill passwords, password generator, secure notes, security challenge and multi-factor authentication.

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Having any questions?, well here is a list of some of the commonly asked LastPass questions.

8. LastPass Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns LastPass?

LastPass is owned by LogMeIn, Inc which acquired it on the 9th of October 2015, LogMeIn, Inc. $125 million according to sources.

Is LastPass safe?

Yes, LastPass decrypts all your data including your master password. Not even LastPass employees are able to see your passwords. In the case that LastPass is hacked, you’re still safe because the attackers would only access VERY encrypted files that can’t be decrypted.


Is there a free version of LastPass?

LastPass comes with a FREE version which i’ve also used for now 3years with no issue. You’re able to access it on all devices, extensions and mobile apps.


What does LastPass premium get you?

LastPass premium which goes for $3/m and on top of all the features available in free, you’ll get one to many sharing, emergency access, advanced multi-factor options, priority tech support, LastPass for  Applications and 1GB encrypted files storage and applies for only 1user.

How do I add LastPass to Chrome?

Chrome – In the chrome bookmark bar, to go Apps, the select web store, then search for LastPass. When it shows up, just add to chrome and sign in.


What happens if you forgot LastPass master password?

LastPass (the company) does NOT have access to your Master Password, so they cannot send it to you or reset it for you. Here are steps you can take to try to recover it. … This allows you to change your Master Password if you‘ve logged intoLastPass previously on that computer, and is the only way to reset your password.

What happens if LastPass goes down?

As long as you have logged into the plug-ins you would be able to export all your passwords, even with LastPass completely gone – this is possible because a locally-cached copy of your data is stored by default when you use the LastPass plugin or LastPass mobile apps.

How long should my LastPass password be?

Complexity: The password should have a mix of characters (uppercase, lowercase, symbols, and numbers) and avoid words straight out of the dictionary. Length: The password should be as long as possible, and no shorter than 14 characters.

Which is the strongest password?

1. Mix meanless Word, number and symbol randomly, and at least 15 length. Mix meanless Word, number and symbol randomly, and at least 15 length (mix uppercase and lowercase). Actually, strongest password equals to hardest remember password, for example “E7r9t8@Q#h%Hy+M”

How many passwords can LastPass store?

Unlimited… LastPass’s password exposé report showed that the average employee had 191 passwords to keep track of. This is why they offer unlimited storage of passwords in your LastPass vault. 

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In Closing

LastPass being one for the most popular password management tools and have a free and valuable option for your to get started creating secure passwords is one main reason i chose to write this review. On top of that, i’ve been using LastPass for the last 3years and it helps me greatly.

If you have any questions regarding how to create and manage passwords securely or basically this LastPass tutorial or video, feel free to let me know in the comment box below.

Talk soon

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