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Why Sportsmen Never Tell The Actual Story, Celebrating Joshua Cheptegei 10,000m World Record

Joshua Cheptegei victory

Most of you see Cheptegei struggle with English words at every end of his runs. The pressmen run from all corners of the world to get just that bit of the story. Trust me, you’ll never get the actual story. He’ll never “tell” it to you. Period.

Am going to advocate for doing interviews on sportsmen only during the actual run, sprint or marathon. The real story can only be told well during the time it’s happening.

Running or long-distance jogs are not about the destination. They’re not about how it feels at the end of the activity.

It’s more about what happened during the actual run.

Am saying this from a doing point of view. Sportsmen can’t tell the real story after it’s done. It’s more real and relatable ONLY during the activity.

Every once in a time, I feel I should have recorded my jogging, running or cycling activity but again, I just don’t do it. Simply because it’s more rewarding to adhere to the pain, the stretch through thick and thin and fight against yourself, mind, body and forgetting all the pleasures of this world.

But again, after the event, I feel that I should have recorded the whole experience. Me talking to myself. Telling myself to keep going. To push harder, to put my leg in front of another. To not focus on the destination but only keep going.

There is no better way I can write, tell or put this but only a recorded audio/visual clip that will make you listen/feel my struggle, push and talk to myself. This is more relatable and rewarding to both you the listener and the doer.

Ultimately, there are no words. I can’t even find the best words to write this but get to know one thing. Sportsmen/women are underrated. The worst and best battles are not those fought at the war front. They’re those you go out and fight against yourself. To make yourself even better.

Cheptegei is the best person to point to regarding this. He went out and rubbished all the previous two world records. He has yet added another one for himself and his country Uganda. He is very underrated. He is the ultimate, the pacesetter, the record-breaker, the undertaker, the beast. He is the great Uganda has ever had. 

Cheptegei, I celebrate you among with million others in Uganda and beyond.

Anyway, this 15km morning run I did was to celebrate your victory and to remember the statement you made at the end, in your words you said, “I wanted to make people know that the track is still exciting and wanted to give it my all.” That its. 

16km Jog Joshua Cheptegei victory
Celebrating Joshua Cheptegei victory with a 15km jog


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And as I get myself ready for my #HamzaToTheSummit hike on Mt Rwenzori, today I had planned to do a morning 15km hike but instead, I decided to celebrate Cheptegei’s victory and to even appreciate his message to all sportsmen out there. That there is still more hope on the track. 

Little did I know that I would end up doing 16km. The best I’ve done in the last 11years or so. That brings me back to the fact that we can all be better and great. It’s only about focus and put one step in front of another. Whether you’re a doctor, a soldier or a developer.

On several occasions, while running, your body will ask why you’re going that hard on it and your mind will tell you to give up somehow. But I’ve come to appreciate the spirit. The push that keeps telling you that you can even go further. Just focus on the steps. Keep in motion, go, keep going.

Those are the words sportsmen keep telling oneself as they fight there body, mind and soul. There is no better way to put them just like I mentioned earlier. A recorded clip with an on-body mic of the athlete can tell the full story.

With 40 days to go for my hike on Mt Rwenzori which is the highest mountain in Uganda at a height of 5109m above sea level, this is yet again another achievement for me. Being able to do a total of 16km jog.

Celebrating Joshua Cheptegei world record
Highest elevation of my 15km Jog


Remember hiking a mountain is not about physical fitness, is a mind game. The urge to not give up even in the worst conditions. The discipline to listen to your body and know when to and not push. That resolve to focus on the steps you make forward rather than the destination.

I’ve not done 16km because I’m an experienced runner, no. I only focused on putting my leg forward and listening to my body. Then I found myself home.

Ultimately, go out and challenge yourself. Go do a 1km hike, jog or skip a rope. You’ll thank me later.

Yours truly.

#HamzaToTheSummit #ReuseablePads

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