7 Steps To Build A Great Website Without Coding

Over and again, am pretty asked the same question in different ways.
Can I build a website without writing code?
And this video. I’ll show you 7 steps to build one using WordPress.

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1. Get an Email Address

This can be your personal email which you use daily to communicate with your friends.
Though, I mostly advise that you open up a business based email address that’s separate from your informal business.
This email will help you with communication, notifications and important information such as registrar and hosting login information.

2. Get a Domain Name

Domains are the representation of your brand online.
Every existing website has a domain for as long as it is available online.
Domain name
Domains can be formulated from a couple or a combination of words.
Like your business name or your personal names in case you’re looking at promoting a personal brand.
Domains cost from freemium to premium ranging between $0-50.
Domain Prices at Bluehost
Popular domain extensions like .com, .net. org are mostly less than $15 per year.
I recommend Bluehost or Namecheap for your domain or hosting needs.

3. Get A Host

A host or web host is a company offering space online where your website files will be saved.
And at the same time be accessed by your website visitors and you.
Getting a web host is one of those nightmare days you’ll always have once you decide to get online.
But here, I’ll suggest and recommend those I use.
Fast forward, some wisdom. I don’t advise that you register your domain and host at the same company and this often tends to be that when you get issues with your website files or domain.
Once a team can’t fix an issue in that particular moment in time, then it’s hard for you to move one.
A number of times my IP address was blocked from accessing the server (web host) now just imagine if your domain is provided by the same host, then it would be a nightmare.
However, there are really good web hosts and the play the game really top-notch. 
Email and chat support is always available under 5mins response time so, you would again have your domain and website files on the same to have all things in one place and ease your job.
I find using Namecheap a good experience and am still in love with there support system.
Bluehost too is a good place to good and also recommended by WordPress itself including other big brands like WP beginner.
So considering any of these two wouldn’t be a nasty move.

4. Website Builder

There are tons of website building software out there.
But in this blog, am here only to share with you about my amazing journey with WordPress content management system (cms).
WordPress is a free open source website building tool used by over 32% of all websites on the internet.
You don’t have to have any background in writing software or technical knowledge of how software works.
If you’re looking for a platform to get started and with pretty a number great resources out there, then WordPress is the software to use.

5. Website Template / Theme

When you choose WordPress, then you can’t skip this.
A website theme.
A theme is basically a skeleton of how your website will look like when done.
A theme is installed on top of WordPress the CMS.
And a theme gives you the abilities to add or extend it using other plugins like page builders.
You’ll find free and paid WordPress themes and plugins within the WordPress repository.
On the other hand, page builders further help you extend a theme.
Like Elementor page builder, you can create your header, footer, sidebars and page templates on top of a theme.
Page builders bring the real live drag and drop experience into WordPress.

6. Original Content

I can’t emphasize this enough.
Go out there, hire a professional do your copy if you’re not able to put it together.
The whole essence is to showcase your content through your website.
Without original and convincing content, the above is considered useless (in good heart).

courtesy photo
This is the simplistic representation of your brand out there.
It can be a 5 letter word, an icon, a shape or graphic. Name it.
Make sure it stands out even when placed on different platforms. A logo will always appear where your brand/company can’t.
So make sure it’s easy, simple and memorable.
If you can’t craft a logo by yourself, be sure to hire a professional.
This will be one of those things that will go by you and your brand for a lifetime unless changed.

And lastly,

Stay hungry, stay foolish – Steve Jobs
Website building is a long time job and can’t be finished and sealed in a bag. There will always exist and better tool, better images, better content.
So keep your eyes to the ground, keep looking and don’t settle.
If you enjoyed this blog, let me know in the comment box below.
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