How to Easily Backup and Migrate Websites for Free with WPvivid

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to backup and migrate websites for free using WPvivid WordPress backup and migration plugin.

We will do this in only 3 easy steps – backup, migrate and restore. This plugin can be used for local and remotely hosted sites.

What you need for this tutorial are your WordPress website and the WPvivd Backup and Migration plugin.

Ps: Below is a step-by-step video tutorial you can follow along with.

Video: Backup and Migration Websites for Free

WPvivid Local Migration

In this case, we are going to be migrating an eCommerce shop from a local host to another host, so let’s get started.

Go to your WordPress dashboard, under Plugins > Add New, search for WPvivd then install and activate it.

WPvivd plugin installation

After your plugin is activated, go to WPvivid Backup on the menu and select the Database + Files (WordPress Files) option, click the Backup Now button.

Backup and Migrate websites for Free

When you do this, you are backing up your files on your local machine, which may be your PC or a test server where your website is hosted. 

The size of your website will determine how long the backup takes.

When the backup process completes, scroll down to the Backups area and you should be able to see the backup you’ve just created. 

Click the Download option.

Downloading backup files of the website

This will take you to the Download tab and you can download your backup. Your download will then be saved on your computer.

downloaded backup

After backing up your files, your next step is to install WordPress o your new host and access the logins to your site.

On your new WordPress websites dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New, search for WPvivid then install and activate it.

After the activation, under WPvivid go to Upload. Add the backup file you just downloaded from the other site. You can drag it or you can just select it from wherever it is saved and then click the Upload button.

Uploading files to your live site

Just like the backup procedure, the size of your site will affect how long the upload procedure takes.

When your upload is complete, you’ll see your file under Backups. Click the Restore option.

Restoring backup

Click OK to confirm your restoration and then the process will begin.

uploading files onto the site loading

Following the completion of the restoration process, WPvivid will log you out. You will then need to log back into WordPress using the password you previously used on your local site. 

And when you do so you’ll have your restored website ready in your new host, and everything should be matching with your old website.

When you go to Plugins for example, you’ll notice that your plugins from your previous local site have also been moved over to your new website.

You can go to your live website and reload it to see your restored site.

WPvivid restored website

Back to your WordPress dashboard, go to Settings > Permalinks, under Permalink Structure, set it to Post name, leave everything else on default then click the Save changes button.

setting the permalink to post the name

If you have any permalink issues on your site, this will fix them.

Go to General settings and check to ensure that your settings are all correct and clear. For example the Site name, Tagline, Admin email address, and Timezone.

Resolving permalink issues

Over to the Reading settings, under Your homepage displays set up the Homepage and post page of your website, then under Search Engine visibility option, uncheck the Discourage search engines from indexing this site option, this will ensure that your site gets indexed.

Search engine visibility settings

Additionally, you can add new plugins and remove any that you no longer require.

WPvivid Remote Migration

In addition to local backup and restore, WPvivid also provides scheduled backups and remote backups to services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

You can access these and many other options using WPvivd’s pro version.

WPvivid price plans for pr version

When you buy the pro version, back in your Plugins you’ll have 2 options; WPvivid Backup Plugin and WPvivid Plugins Pro.

WPvivd plugins Pro and backup plugin

When you click on the Dashboard option of WPvivid Plugins Pro, you’ll have access to various backup and restore options like scheduling, manual backups, cloud storage, etc.

Additionally, you have access to many Addons, including White label, image optimization, staging, and many more.

WPvivd Plugin dashboard

WPvivid FAQs

Will WPvivid plugins function on my host?

Yes, provided that your website is powered by WordPress. Dedicated hosting plans including Godaddy, Siteground, and many others, have been used extensively to test the WPvivid plugins.

Is there a maximum website size for the WPvivid backup plugin?

No, the WPvivid Backup Plugin (both free and premium versions) can backup, migrate, and restore websites of any size as long as your hosting provider has enough server resources.

Can I use your plugin on my blog?

No, WPvivid plugins can only be installed on websites hosted by

Is it possible to backup my WooCommerce websites using the WPvivid Backup Plugin?

Yes, you can use it to incrementally backup WooCommerce files as well as the full WooCommerce website.

Can I save backups of WPvivid on my computer?

Yes, you can accomplish that by downloading backups to your PC or other external devices using the plugin’s download option.

What is WPvivid Backup & Migration Pro?

The paid edition of WPvivid Backup & Migration offers much more sophisticated capabilities than the free version, including incremental backups, advanced backups, advanced auto-migration, database backup encryption, white labeling, and support for more cloud storage providers.

What is WPvivid Image Optimization Pro?

WPvivid Image Optimization Pro is an all-in-one image optimization plugin that includes all the cutting-edge features you’ll ever need to optimize photos on your website and boost your website’s SEO rankings, Google PageSpeed Insights score, and website load speed.

What is WPvivid Staging Pro?

WPvivid Staging Pro is a useful development tool that allows users to construct and publish staging sites in subdirectories.

Can it backup large databases?

That all depends on how you define “large”. WPvivid successfully tested up to a 10 GB database (on VPS).


Take full responsibility for your website now by creating a backup saved on your local computer or remote storage so when the dark times come, you can have a backup to lean on. For any comments, questions or suggestions, please use the comments box below. And please remember to subscribe to my Youtube channel and newsletter for more tips and tutorials.

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