60 vlogs IN 60 days, Here is What I Discovered!

First off, so glad to able to write this blog on the 60th day of all 60 vlogs published on the channel.

PS: this is NOT just another blog post but a story by a beginner youtuber’s journey to getting content out there. I would appreciate your 7mins spent to read through.

So, first things first, just like many of you who have been in the content creation scene for sometime, you must have observed how millennials struggle to keep up with the on going digital transformation.

From one social platform to another, from on blogging platform to another and from one forum to another and yet NOT leaving a mark of significance on wherever they’ve been.

I’m a huge advocate about bringing value to table to whoever decides to consume my content. So, i make sure i put in enough to my last inch.

This whole thing is about sacrificing a tone of hours of research, study, self learning and so on.

Back to the story..

On the 17th night of April, i made up my mind to start and launch a youtube channel where i can help folks establish a digital presence from scratch. And besides that, a one more other way i would repurpose my two year old blog content to a wider audience.

Also putting in consideration that NOW video is the next big thing. Youtube as a platform is the second most visited website on the internet after Google. It’s hell obvious that if you’re NOT on google, most certainly you must appear some where on youtube.

Anyway, that wasn’t my major motive.

Thing was to startup and stand out. Get my content there and help out millennials as much as i would.

BUT then, its a whole lot of learning, unlearning and relearning. I literarily had to get started in the Youtube kindergarten.

It was time to know how this whole thing works and how to get it working for me.

[bctt tweet=”If you’re there, i need you to know that being able to writing on your blog is way different to publishing a video about the same topic on youtube.” username=”gotechug”]

Things you need to get done beside your story (blog post) include but NOT limited to,

  1. Higher amounts of data (internet) consumption
  2. A way more powerful computing device for faster video rendering speeds. (will write later about this in a separate blog)
  3. Basic video editing skills (if you’re not looking at hiring a video editor)
  4. Basic video camera. Entry level DSRL, mirrorless  or a basic screen recording software
  5. Lighting and sound equipment
  6. Last is motivation, argue to learn new stuff and a TONE of hours watching other creators content on youtube.
  7. List would go on and on…

Recording setup 2

But Hey, how the HELL do you get started same day with ALL this?

Long story short.

I think doing video was something i had in the pipe line for a long time, only that I had NOT self discovered, didn’t have the motivation and being camera shy.

So that same day on making up the decision to signup on youtube and make a channel launch video was NOT much as a shock to my body, mind and equipment at hand.

For the matter of fact, i have to mention that for some reason I’ve got some knowledge is using graphic design software from Adobe but still creating this channel, i never had any experience editing videos, rendering and exporting final movie.

Things i had ALREADY had at Hand.

At this point, i had already 4 things figured out.

  1. Content i was to share (GoTechUG channel launch and why)
  2. Had a DSRL I’ve been using to take agency photos for clients and in house work
  3. Had the whole bundle of the Adobe CS6 on my work PC.
  4. Motivation and the drive to start vlogging.

So, the next BIG thing was..

Will you actually MAKE the videos?

The answer was YES after lots of panicking and trying to figure out what works and how?

On this 17th day, it was a mess. Wanted by end of day having the video out.

I tried several times which camera position would be best, which video format, how long, which is the best set, how to start and introduce the channel.

How to face the camera and how i should flow. Lots of questions running around.

Fan fact, i actually made over 10 short videos testing sound, set, camera modes and getting comfortable.

First 10 Videos (vlogs)

GTU youtube channel

For some reason, i could figure out a way forward. Made the first video, shared it on Facebook.

And friends where happy and i received congratulatory messages on launching the channel.

But hey, even when the launch video is one of the most watched videos on the channel, it’s now that i feel that i could have done better. The setup, the audio and video quality and so on.

This is actually what you’ll find every youtuber saying. ‘they hate there first videos.’ Am actually not too far from that, but loving the fact that i could do this video.

Actually, its the only video that took me over 12hours just to shoot. The 60th video only took me about 3hours. (recording, editing, rendering, exporting and uploading to youtube)

[bctt tweet=”But hey, if i had NOT done the very fast video, i wouldn’t be talking about the 60th video. So, first steps are the MOST important steps we make in our lives.” username=”gotechug”]

Guess what, before i knew. 10 days had passed and 10 videos were done and already on the channel.

One thing i can say is that having a scheduled list of topics, tittles you’re passionate of and listed down as video ideas is one thing that made my work simple.

That way, i could just come hit record and get going.

One other thing that helped me was to always leave my video equipment setup so that i never have to mind the settings and all the technicalities. That way, it would take me 2–3 hours.

The Next 10–30 Videos

They become more interesting and just taking new tweaks.

I realised i could record more that one tutorial at ago. Then edit on separate days and upload.

Taught myself recording for shorter hours and flowing even much better.

Discovered screen record tweaks, edits and even spiced up videos with background sound.

Got Burnt Out and spent about 4 days down after my 30th video.

I actually made a video (above) on this upon recovery. One thing i have to be thankful are the friends i reached and shared with. That alone gave me motivation to get back and keep going.

And 30–60 Videos

Recording getting more interesting.

Had topics on table and just would wake up one day and hit record. Then i could do like 1–3 videos at ago.

I could edit on separate days as i upload. I could setup a second recording table.

GTU recording table 2

My storage drive crushed. This came on top of NOT having enough space on my other Mac that i use to edit videos.

My first video surpassed 100 views and channel reached 50 subscribers.


End Days and Thoughts

Being honest, i couldn’t imagine myself running this show to the end. Publish 60 videos in less than 60 days is for me one of my life’s achievements so far.

As I am not that kind of person how sticks to goals. Not because i gave up so quickly but because normally on the way i tend to realise more interesting things that take my attention, concentration and hence get me off.

GTU Setup 2

But this time round, got myself done.

BUT NOTHING good comes without sacrifice and BAD days

If you’re reading this blog, i want to tell you that I’m fatigued. I feel so weak, demotivated and not in working moods any more.

I had to go to the hospital to do checks and to find that am NOT ill. Doctor advised i go home and relax, rest and relieve myself from all stressful things.

Malaria and RCT test
1*k5kiIS OdmaO Yze54uOBA
Blood count test

After all these tests, am stepping off my computer (aside writing this blog) and getting my life reset for even more interesting content to come.

What I’ve learned

  1. Follow your interest, then passion will follow
  2. Begin with the simple things, you’ll get along with the hard ones
  3. Start small, grow big. Don’t compare yourself to others
  4. Every feedback counts
  5. Not a single person in this world has figured it ALL
  6. Small simple things you do everyday, count in the long term
  7. Your life fast, the rest is secondary
  8. Don’t be blinded by NUMBERS. After all, they’re just numbers and you’ll never reach maximum
  9. You’re your worst enemy, you’re your best friend
  10. All the above put together, you leave ONE life, make it count


In Closing

Am so glad to have you reading this blog, letting me be ME and letting me feel good about myself.
Am so damn happy to have started this youtube channel as its one thing i’ll leave to see grow as a baby.

I want to see as many people benefit from the content i push out especially those looking at establishing a digital presence.

Just imagine a world with more creators than consumers?

Be well and talk soon either through this blog, vlog (youtube) or my once in a month newsletter.

Enjoy your digital journey.

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    1. Thank you Patsy.
      I’ve always loved your creativity and content until when i got another shock on learning about your YT channel. Am totally blown away.
      Keep going and let’s see how far this can get us.
      Welcome here.. onwards….

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